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Pimpin Mainer
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This looks fun, I hope JPN game are excepted because I played several!

Pimpin Mainer (3 stages beaten)
Tamagotchi 64 - Very interesting game. Its a board game like Mario Party with mini games but the point of winning is by making your Tamagotchi level up 4 times before the other players. Super fun but very hard because it's all in Japanese so I have no idea what I was picking half the time.

Hamster Monogatari 64 - In this game you are a professional hamster racer who takes care and trains hamster(s) and competes in horse races (but with hamsters). There are a lot of menus in this game and I had to go and click them all to start the race, hundreds of options. I was only able to race once, then I couldn't do whatever the game wanted me to.

Mario Party 2 JPN - Played an entire game in Mario Party 2 with a friend on the first stage.
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