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This is just a first observation. I will get arround to make pics of all of my controllers eventually, I just don't really have time at the moment. Right of the bat I can almost certainly say that our observation "Made in China" or "Made in Japan" will not be completely constant.

I am almost 100% sure that all the Geoffreys, Hello Macs, E3's etc. out there are all "Made in Japan"
But with the solid controllers I can imagine that they were made in Japan at first and production then moved to China. Maybe for global production pruposes or something?

The reason I'm making this claim is the following:
Posted Image

5 Controllers are "Made in China" Only the black one is "Made in Japan"
If it had been the grey one I would say "Okay it came first, of course all the other 5 colors are "Made in China" because they came later" BUT: It's the black one.

Also look at the sides of th boxes. The red and yellow are promoting the Clear Red/White, Blue/White and the two Pokemon Controllers already. The others not. There is only one possible reason for this, and that is that the colored solid variations have different time releases, otherwise promotion would be on all of them (except gray maybe).

So my conclusion is that we will most likely find "Made in China" and "Made in Japan" in the Japanese Solids. In the USA und EU we will probably only find "Made in China" because they came so much later.
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