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Interesting. Curious to to see where this goes.

I have two "made in Japan" N64 controllers. One is the black top/grey bottom controller packaged with the Mario Kart ntsc-J release.
The other might be more relevant. It is a standard grey pad that came with my, release day, Pal-N64. It has the the identical imprint to the "made in Japan" controllers pictured here.
I believe the "release day" time frame may be noteworthy, as the spare controllers that I purchased soon after release day (also standard grey Pal controllers) were marked "made in China".

On a more subjective note: I have a number of various official N64 controllers but early on one became my "number 1".
Yup, its the made in Japan, release day grey. This was before I ever realised the differing countries of manufacture.
This controller still has the most solid feel of all my controllers, with the Mario Kart black and grey (also "made in Japan", as pointed out earlier) being a very close second.

Coincidence? Merely subjective?
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