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Ok. Here is the standard grey controller, that came in box, with my release day Pal N64.
I have placed the ferrite "Kludge" in frame in both pictures (hope they come out ok. If not, I can try again in natural light)
Note, it is the old/orig type Pal Kludge, which had a soft rubber-like plastic around the ferrite (later ferrite parts were encased in a one piece, light plastic affair, which looked nice but are quite distinct from what is shown my photos)

It occurs to me, that there is no way to both show a close-up of the manufacture region and to show that the kludge on the cable is actually connected to the same controller, via photos.
That would take a hi def video.
Anyway, hope this is of assistance to you, No64DD.

Posted Image
Posted Image

edit: Thanks Bamboozled. Fixed now, I hope.
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