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Feb 6 2016, 08:32 PM
Thanks again Bamboozled. He is good!

And thank you- cell :D

These are fantastic developments you've brought to this thread. The pictures are perfect! I will add this controller with great anticipation. We now have proof that your PAL Grey release controller is unique, and it represents something more- Not only are we getting to uncover these MIJ controller's origins, but basically, we are also getting to carbon-date them!
This is an exciting find. You should be proud.

@cell, what PAL region are you from? :rollseyes:
PAL region Ireland, No64DD.

I can confirm the "texture" on the Mario Kart controller.
Did my pictured grey controller have the same "texture"?
I honestly can not remember and two decades later, the texture has been worn with use (I still use it to this day, for Wave Race 64, Mario Kart 64 and Diddy Kong Racing :) )
I know for sure that It "felt" different to my other controllers.

Also, I have found that with both of my made MIJ controllers, the official rumble pack and official controller pack have a more secure/tighter fit. Anybody else notice this?
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