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Neva wizard Kee
Thanks Bluedog! Enjoyable indeed.

Lodgenet™... good idea!
I decided to check my Nintendo 64-style Lodgenet controller. I consider it the (1st wave) until they wisely upgraded them. These have a label instead, although it feels like it has the same imprinted plastic wording underneath. :eh:
But again, also MADE IN CHINA.
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I know there has been thorough documentation on these controller(s), and on this site thanks to members like BDR and sanni, but with the N64-style version- not as often.

You brought up a good point about HORI™, which i consider a seal of quality as good or if not better than Nintendo™…
Upon closer look, the board inside is also made by HORI, and a standard N64 joystick housing, with the exception of having a black base.
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We can surmise that these findings further the addage that basically every NTSC release is/was MADE IN CHINA.
However, it is mysterious how items using HORI components in both examples should've been MADE IN JAPAN. I've always said HORI is a company of many mysteries, and i still stand by it! ;)

This thread goes to show how one never knows where it wants to go, and what it wants to show us. Once again, i would not have even thought to check Lodgenet.
Who knows whats next!

Thanks again
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