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Feb 18 2016, 09:40 AM
Again great product and I would love to get my thumb on one of these. I will even pay for shipping to the US.

Thanks guys, appreciate the positive feedback!
I'll get back to you guys about samples soon :)

Any thought of using newly minted Kitsch-Bent pieces? I know they are not perfect, but MIGHT cut down on dead zone wiggle. I have a an extra set or two if you are interested.

I have 20 pairs if YOU'RE interested ;) Hehe, :D

Yes the x and y axis, I suppose "geared gimbal arms" would be the correct term? Not sure.

I was really hoping these kitsch-bent parts would work but I was pretty disappointed when I got my hands on them.
I had what I consider pretty severe binding issues on all the ones I tried, tolerances and surface finish on the contact surfaces weren't too impressive either.
I wasn't completely convinced by the material either but that may a false impression, to be honest I didn't go much beyond some test fitting before giving up and trying something else.
Much of what makes a stick feel good and smooth in operation is related to how cleanly and smoothly the gears engage with each other so it's pretty critical. It's especially noticeably on my units where the cup and stick interaction is absolutely smooth.


I also attempted to salvage parts from the cloned aftermarket modules, specifically the almost genuine looking ones with the slightly flatter stick top. Those are a pretty good clone of the real thing but even those parts didn't really fit properly either.


I've ultimately found that in order to get a tight, smooth and "new" feel to these modules I have to refurbish the genuine axis pieces. No way around it as far as I'm aware at this stage.

It's not too bad though, they are relatively easy to return to straight, true and to correct tolerance even if they are quite heavily worn out. In order to get less than 1mm play on the stick ( especially in the horizontal axis) there really can't be much at all in the way of play between the stick contact surfaces and the gear arms. Just a hair before it binds is perfect, anything more and it propagates out resulting in a looser stick. I learned that the tolerances on the original n64 stick mechanics are pretty spectacular so it's no mean feat to reproduce these things in metal.

The refurb process involves a heat source (soldering iron works but hot air is better), some sanding sticks and a bit of time but it's totally worth it. I'll post up a how-to if people are interested.
I've been doing this type of thing for years but ultimately it was never really worth the effort as once the cup has worn out beyond a certain point even perfectly new gears won't bring the tightness back fully or restore the input range.

Here are some hall of fame members that are truly beyond help though!

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I mean seriously that last one is worn right through, who in their right mind keeps playing once things get that bad?? :wacko:


I take my deadzone wiggle very seriously!

Posted Image

Don't want to over promise at this stage but I'm aiming to get a deadzone play of less than 1mm consistently on these modules. The example I posted above getting measured is around 0.9mm (That's full left to right play, so about half a mm either way) which I find is a really good amount of play. I may not quite be able to deliver on that over an entire batch but that's my target at the moment. In the last batch I got to that tightness on about 60% of the completed modules. It's just a combination of the right parts with the right tolerances playing in harmony. I have extensive notes ready for the next batch of machining to hopefully get me into an even better range.

Ultimately it's a bit silly to obsess over this stuff because it really doesn't influence play much at all on these joysticks. It's also inevitable that with extended play things loosen up a bit so it's a bit of a fools errand, I'd just like to start off with a deadzone that's as good as I can possibly get it. :)

Oh and if it's any use to you I could send you this :D

Btw. I'm from Germany so I'll probably dream about this analog stick tonight if I can even sleep. X_D

Hey, that's an exceptionally cool piece of kit, nicely done. Maybe we can do a swap? I'm in Switzerland so postage wouldn't be too bad.


The mechanical repair, "fix", improvement, solution to the original N64 analogue stick degradation, is a dream.
It gives me no satisfaction to say, that I do not use the word "dream" here, in a positive sense.
Gentlemen, perhaps, after 20 years of trying, its time to forsake all hope in the repair of the original design.

Having said all that, LinusHofmann, I honestly hope that you prove me wrong. Best of luck :yeah:

Haha sounds like you've lost hope after all these years. :)
I certainly hope I can convince you, I wasn't convinced it was possible myself until very very recently! Like last friday! :rollseyes:

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20th Anniversary Joystick Refurb - Stainless steel and Teflon components!
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