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What's the price for these I've got a bunch of controllers that could use some new sticks?

I don't want to quote a price at this stage, too many things still up in the air in terms of the workflow. Plus I want to make sure things are tested properly before I consider selling them.
Right now I'm still working out a lot of the process as I make them so they're taking quite a long time each.
They're completely hand made and quite labour intensive to assemble but I'm hoping I can optimize things more and more as I nail down the process. :)

@LH: great chart! How did you determine the green? Also, does "feel" include sensitivity? Obviously there are games were sensitivity (and precision) is critical. There are other games where high sensivity can be valuable (need ship, aim or character to move quickly about the screen, like Star Soldier or Sin & Punishment)

By green you mean the range coverage map?

It's a small program I wrote to allow me to see exactly how a controller maps it's output. Basically like Sanni's range tester, except it shows me a coverage map of all the angles between the octagonal extremes as well. Quite handy to see what the controller actually outputs. For example the Pot style joystick would look quite good in an octagonal range test, but here it looks awful because it does some really dodgy interpolation in between those extreme points.


By feel I just used the genuine new controller as a a benchmark and determined how satisfied I am playing all types of games with the other options in comparison.

The sensitivity is more related to the Range stat, the mid point with the green line/mark is the genuine controller benchmark. Any range above that will make for a more sensitive and touchy controller (lodgenet/hori) and anything below (worn out genuine) will make for a less sensitive response.

You could certainly break it down further in to resolution, deadzone pickup and skipping and stuff like that (Sanni did some good visuals in his test) but it may be getting a bit complicated. Essentially, the combination of poor feel and a very large range will make for a much too sensitive controller for a lot of games. ie. the original GC style

I totally agree that some controllers are actually more suited to certain games, personally I play Mario 64 with a Hori but it's hardly a genuine feeling thumbstick and the large range makes it completely useless in something like Perfect dark. As a result I didn't rate it particularly highly in feel.

It's all subjective and not to be taken too seriously but it's fun to try and characterize your thoughts on a particular set of controllers visually.
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