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First off mate, that's one hell of a lovely collection of controller boxes! :wub:

Being one of the 2% that cares, that is some great discovery about the EU6 controllers. After seeing this post I noticed that the same thing is used on the left side of the Clear Blue Pal Controller box, implying that they came out around the same time back in 2001. Why only Black and Blue? Perhaps they were the best sellers and Nintendo didn't want to make things that wouldn't sell at the end of the console's life? One curious thing however is the tab codes, I see Blue is EUR-2 but do you own the Black one as well? I have already seen a Black EUR-2 and that was for an EU4 box, so I'm guessing the EU6 version is coded EUR-3?

Speaking of tab codes, that leads me to your second point about the colour coding. Yes, this is a thing Nintendo does in the Pal regions, it's used on consoles, accessories and the games themselves and it's not just N64 but with their other consoles too. For example with the GameCube they appearas triangles on the bottom of the game's spine. Here's some of the known ones:

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As for revisions, I've been working on documenting all of these since you started this thread, I'm making some progress but obviously struggling when it comes to the Spanish [ESP] and the Swiss/Austrian [FRG] controllers. I'll let you know when my list is closer to being complete.

Best of luck with finishing the set and I'm sure this thread will become a vital resource for collectors in the future!
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