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Nice find on that one! Like I mentioned in my previous post I have actually not been fortunate enough to find one of these yet. Similar to Korea, online-selling infrastructure in China is still very poor, so I have a hunch, that these might be obtainable locally still, so I'm looking forward to my next Hong Kong visit.

I'll get to it! I'll make an educated guess, that all of the EU Controllers are made in China.

Yeah, this post was for everybody of course, but when I was writing it I kinda had you in mind :D Thanks for the flowers.
I do not have the black version yet. I have seen it once in Spain in eye-wrecking condition and one in Germany NIB for like 180 lol
I thought the same way about the black and blue at first, but then it occured to me that it might be the exact other way around. What if these two were selling the poorest, and they made a last EU-wide release effort to get rid of them.
However, I made some stats and although this is not very scientific the black and blue are actually more common than red and grey for example, so that speaks more for your theory.

We will find out about the coding as soon as I get hold of one I guess. The revisions are driving me nuts, mainly because I do not completely understand the system yet, so I really appreciate you effort :D

I was kinda expecting the color coding is not new to you, but I though it was a nice detail somehow.

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