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Feb 25 2016, 10:58 PM
I'm still on the fence about getting one. I've spent way too much analyzing videos on YT, and I'm honestly not that impressed by the look of de-blur and the extra sharpening, which seems to be the main selling point. It's a matter of personal taste but the heavy pixelation is just detrimental to the look of the games, in my opinion. I don't really like the look of the artificial scanlines either. What I'm wondering is if it's still worth getting even if I don't use any of the filters.
It really comes down if you want to play N64 on your HDTV and not have an extra CRT. I'm not a fan of the scanlines either but that's because they are not subtle enough. There's still going to be updates to the software so I hope Marshall adds some more transparency to the scanlines. I don't play any games with de-blur on either. Then again I'm also sitting only 7 feet away from a 60". People complain that the N64 graphics were muddy but then once removed it's too pixelated. It just doesn't have high enough resolution textures and that doesn't translate well. I tried out Rogue Squadron which runs at a full 480p and it looks great on an HDTV. It's too bad that most of the other games don't. I also played Mario Party with some friends the other day and it's much easier to read the text in the game. The normal A/V out works at the same time so was switching back and forth. My friends preferred HDMI.

As a collector though, the $164 I spent at badassconsoles was worth it. So far the average price on ebay for these is $406 not included the $610 Japanese Pikachu edition that sold. I think with future updates it won't be such a novelty and it will be more useful. I just like the fact that is was possible in the first place. It's not going to be a replacement to a good CRT setup but it's certainly more convenient.
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