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Feb 28 2016, 05:43 AM
Take my money!! I'll pay anything to get ahold of one of these early units!
anything you say? Hmmm....I'll have my bank manager call yours asap! :money: :smokin:


So I spent the weekend sprucing up my testing interface, was slow going for me but it's got most of the features I want now.

A few examples

Genuine OEM Module A: VTight (As far as I can tell this module is brand New and has a really solid range close to reference (redline/gray values))

Posted Image


Genuine OEM Module B: Tight (Also a stick with very little wear, if any)

Posted Image


Genuine OEM Module C: Worn Out (This was my most used stick, feels great but as you can see it's quite heavily worn and has reached the point where I have to push the stick harder against the gate to get full movement in a lot of games. So it's been retired )

Posted Image


And now here are a couple of my refurbed modules running through the same test.

Refurb Module S/N 022
Posted Image

Refurb Module S/N 008
Posted Image

Refurb Module S/N 020
Posted Image

So I think you can see that the mapping on the refurbs is getting pretty close to what's needed. I'm still figuring out the tolerances I'll allow for this test to pass and it's quite touchy to get it right on the mechanical side. All of the various interaction of the component tolerances has an effect on how this mapping range looks in the end.

But I'm getting better at understanding what it takes to get it right and this kind of test makes the errors and offsets really visible so it's handy to figure out what the problem areas are. It takes quite a lot for it to actually be noticeable in game so I think with these kind of tolerances it should be acceptable.

A critical aspect however is the secondary axis deviation allowable on the straight horizontal and vertical notches, there I don't allow more than a few points of error before the module fails the test since that would start having a noticeable and annoying effect in game where pushing straight forward/ backward and side to side won't translating into a clean and straight movement.

For example dropping the OOT backwalk when just moving the stick a little away from the straight down position.
Can't have that, on the diagonals I allow more error since they're far less critical and even the OEM modules have some variation there.


So yeah that's what I've been working on. I'm hoping to get a new batch of sticks started this week as well as get the rest of the samples out to people for testing.

Note- I've called an end to finding people for the first set of testers, sorry for those who showed up a bit late. It's definitely cool to have this much interest especially from the recent smash64 and OOT speedrunner invasion! :)

If anyone is still interested, feel free to send me a PM anyway and I'll add you to a list for possible future testing.


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20th Anniversary Joystick Refurb - Stainless steel and Teflon components!
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