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While I'm in the CRT camp I'm definitely getting a spare N64 for this. Perfect or not, HD N64 is a huge selling point. Also if you wanted to bring a 64 to a friend or family members house this would be the better option since everyone and their nan uses a HD TV.

I'm looking forward to the day I can try this mod on a huge 60-100 inch TV.

EDIT This has got me excited for a GameCube mod (DolphinHDMI?) since the GC runs at 480 which scales better than 240P. Until Nintendo does actual remasters like Rare did for the XBO, the GC port of Majora's Mask running in HD would be the highest we could get that game outside of emulation.
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N64 Ultra HDMI Adapter: Released!! · Hooking up the N64 to modern TVs