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Well, I just completed a pretty epic module! :dance:

I'll leave this here...
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...and let it speak for itself...

Feeling good about the progress tonight, I'm working my way through the niggles and gotchas in the assembly process and able to return to the earlier modules to maximize their potential. Armed with the new knowledge I'm consistently able to knock down the deadzone wiggle and improve feel each time I re tackle an older module.


This particular stick feels smooth as butter, the mapping is bang-on and the deadzone figures aren't a joke. It doesn't budge!
I'll do a video of the wiggle if anyone wants to see proof, but there's nothing to see. It's like it's superglued in place. :)

Let the bidding begin! ;) lol
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20th Anniversary Joystick Refurb - Stainless steel and Teflon components!
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