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Sixty Formula
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Mar 27 2016, 11:51 PM
Still short myself on the blisters. I messaged the guy that has those blisters for sale on ebay to see if he'll sell me three of them. No reply back. A clear smoke just popped up on ebay but it's overpriced. Contacted the seller with my offer. They said the price they have is what the last one sold for which is not true. I don't think they know people can look up completed sold listings in the last 90 days.

This is what I currently have


Looking for

I know completed sets are even more rare but how many Watermelon Blisters are there? Any others besides myself that have it that are not complete? I kind of want to get an idea of how many exist. Only two sold on ebay last year. Not sure if any of you bought one of those. Maybe less than 20?
I was one of the ones that purchased a watermelon controller last year. I can say that there are at least 2 watermelon controllers that aren't accompanied with a complete set. You have one, and I know that Siccooper has kept his and still does not have a complete set. I8ablueskittle did have a complete set, but since sold 1 or 2 of the controllers (if i'm not mistaken) not including his watermelon - so that would be a third controller without a complete set. Jonebone has an insanely good point. The watermelon wasn't even the last blister controller I needed for the set, the Grape was. With that being said, there have been several grapes to have gone up since, so any color could become readily or scarcely available at any time. I mean, a sealed box of stadium events was just uncovered, so anything is possible! Good luck with your search! :yeah:
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