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If Sixty Formula don't mind, i'd like to start off by verifying Clay Fighter Sculptor's Cut.

Clay Fighter Sculptor's Cut

chipboard Front

chipboard Back

How is this Rocky?
I posted a picture of the back because it has a blue dot in the upper right corner that was most likely made with a paint marker. I'm not sure how signifigant that is.

I started with this game to share the story that goes with it...
I can 100% verify that this is the real game because i bought it from BLOCKBUSTER Video in 1999.
I woke up one morning back then with a wierd premonition that may have stemmed from my frustration of not winning a Millenium 2000 controller in the latest NP issue. I started to ponder what other items i could be missing out on, and Sculptor's Cut crossed my mind. I went to work that day at County Market and ran into a friend. I told him about this wierd feeling i got about Nintendo items and after i got done with work, we went to BBV. Sitting there in the bargain bin was a boxed version for $15.
I tried to keep my composure as i picked it up and checked out. I still remember one of the clerks giving me the stinkeye the entire time. :lol:

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