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Hi everyone,
I am new here and just hopped in, because I saw Kartmaster got the program started with Win 10. Since the download link isn't available anymore, just one question to you Kartmaster: Did you use a normal installer or did you modified it anyhow? The normal installer doesn't work with actual versions of Win 10. I just hope, you have a modified version.

If you don't: As far as I can say, the problem is only the installer, not the program itself. Otherwise it wouldn't run on some older builds of windows 10. So if anyone could find out were the installer spread all his files and what it changes on the registry, it would be possible to do the copying and changes manually. Maybe someone with right equipment could work it out.

The issue is a real problem to me. Because I don't own so many memory cards fpr N64 and PSX, I saved many files on my PC and can't use them now. :(
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