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Hey, thanks for the answer. Unfortunately it doesn't work. Autorun starts the selection interface, but when I choose install, it works short, then it does nothing. After a while it just closes. I can see, it tries to start the setup.exe. I can see the 32-bit setup launcher starting in the processes, but it does nothing. No usage of CPU etc., it just takes some memory. I have to shut it down manually, before I can start again. When I start the setup.exe directly, same problems accure. I testes some compatibility modes, always the same result.

Just before you are asking:
I have installed .NET 3.5 (inludes 2.0 and 3.0) and .Net 4.6
Also I have vcredist in the following versions:
2008 x86
2010 x86 and x64
2012 x86 and x64
2013 x86 and x64

PC is fresh installed. No upgrade, clean install. I found the link with the other setup.exe you provided, same result. :(
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