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Win 7 works fine every time. I don't have any problems with Dexdrive and Win 7 on 4 computers. It is only a problem with Win 8 and 10. I have a saved program folder from an Win 7 here and copied it to my Win 10. I got the program running, but it couldn't find his index (Yeah, the registry would fix that) and it couldn't find the Dexdrive (Drivers are missing, I guess). That means, it would probably run with Win 10, if we could get the installer to work. Or find out, what it installs everywhere.

Maybe we could work something out. There are programs existing, which scan the registry and can tell you the difference before and after installation. It would require a clean install (Many programs are leaving registry keys after uninstall) for this. One of this programs is regdiff. The installed drivers could be identified and extracted with double driver. All we would need than is an program which could snapshot a whole system and compare it before and after an installation. The Dexdrive programm ha some dll's and I bet some are stored somewhere in the Windows folder. I don't know if a program exists to snapshot a whole system and even if so, Windows is constantly changing some files. So we would get a lot of files which changed during installation and it would be quite some work to check, what is necessary and what not. Yeah, then we could build a script, which works as installer. Hopefully.

However, it would be much easier to get this installer running. But I even don't know what you changed there.
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