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Small update since I found out something new this week concerning the EU6 Controller.
For reference, that is the one that has 6 languages on the side and only states "Controller"

But today I found this. Clearly there were to different EU6 packaging variations:

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

I do not know alot about revisions, but it is intersting to see that the -2 revision is younger than the -3 revision.
Although the numbers would suggest it would be the other way arround the -3 still had english and french controller (manette) on the front while the -2 only had the more generic english "Constroller"

Posted Image

How do I know 3 is younger? Check this out, it is actually the only solid controller I have, that comes with a internet address on the box.

The -2 Revision
Posted Image

The -3 Revision
Posted Image

If you take into account that almost all N64 items had these "postal send in cards", I think it is quite amazing that there is actually a N64 items with an Internet address this early. I'm susspecting these were issued at the very last in 1999.

So I went through all of my controllers to check and tadaa. There is actually one other one with the Website: The Clear Blue/ White, that is also considered a EU6:

Posted Image
Posted Image

And now for the grand final: Last time we found out that the reason why we only see black and blue ones is that there are probably only black and blue ones because those are the only colors mentioned on the side of the Box. I never realized this before but check out the side of the Clear Blue/White:

Posted Image

This leads me to the speculation that towards of the end of the N64 Lifespan only Blue, Black and Clear Blue /White were made. Why? I dunno :D
Check out: consolevariations.com
The Database for all consolecolors and variations!
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