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Thanks guys. I'm still confused though, there's this one part which is the best, but it won't repair no matter how long I run and repair the podracer.

Let me quote from this guide:

Pit Droids maintain your pod parts (duh). Each pit droid can only maintain 1 part. So if you have 5 new parts and 4 pit droids (MAX, unless using a cheat) 1 part is going to get ruined (condition is brought down). So if you want to win you just want to get all 4 pit droids and choose 4 categories that you want to max out and only buy those parts. This is the key to winning.

ALSO: The least expensive part in each category never gets damaged!

It means my part is done. I need to restart the game, max out 4 parts only. When I'm done with the tournaments, I max out the remaining 2 parts, and play time attack mode.
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