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D.J Cat
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8 new ones.

San Francisco Rush. Love the physics and the jumps in this game.

Pilotwings 64. Did the first 3 tests with scores of 98, 100 and 96 on first go. 🐱

Wave Race 64. Beat the circuit on expert with 45 points. 😎

WCW/NWO World Tour - won the WCW league and unlocked Diamond Dallas Page

Mortal Kombat Trilogy - won a few fights.

Mario Kart 64 - Won all cups on 150cc. 13 first, 2 second and 1 third place.

Chopper Attack - Beat the first level.

Diddy Kong Racing - Beat Dino Domain. On Ultimate AI. 😎🔥💨
EDIT: While I was at it, decided to finish the whole game.
On Ultimate AI 😊
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