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Aug 6 2016, 04:09 AM
Do you think that the cartridges will lose ebay value when the games get a release on mini consoles?
Personally, I don't think so. Especially CIB. Given what is now a limited supply out there and more collectors entering the scene I don't see a dip in value anytime soon. Look at the Everdrive you can every single 64 game released AND all this other material like fan made Goldeneye etc, and yet prices are still hiking. Why? It's quite simple, the original, is the original, and I'm totally on that wagon I love having the original box and all of that.

I have come to the conclusion personally that I cannot collect every CIB game because I personally wouldn't want to pay top dollar for games that really wouldn't interest me at all. So I am thinking of getting an Everdrive to complement my 120 odd CIB games.

Regardless of the N64 library, Nintendo have sufficient awesome titles to do a re-boot of the N64 mini, but they may fear it will not be as successful if they cannot release the Rare titles which are many peoples favourites. I have to say I would be very disappointed not to see Goldeneye.
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