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Play an N64 game...; Tell us what N64 games you've been playing!
Topic Started: Apr 4 2008, 03:54 PM (39,865 Views)
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I finally got a CRT set up in a basement room and hooked up a N64. I have barely played anything on it since back in the days. It's easily my favorite console, but newer systems and an ever growing backlog has kept me from getting back into it until now. Over the past week I've played through Mario 64 form start to finish, all 120 stars. It's been a lot of fun, though I must admit Mario 64 is one of the games that doesn't feel very fresh anymore, because I played it to death back in the days. It was also the most popular game among family and friends, so I've watched a lot of other people play the game as well and helped them out with getting some of the stars. Still amazing how well it holds up for such an early 3D game.

Right now I have started a new file on Star Wars Shadows of The Empire. I'm going to at least finish the game on normal and try to get the challenge points as well. I'm planning to go through my entire collection, one game at a time, completing each game before moving on to the next. It's the best way to enjoy them, I think. I'm also going to add some games to my collection as I go. The plan is to tackle each game in the order they were released here, or I will at least focus on games which were released in '97, then move on to '98 and so on. Next up is Turok or Pilotwings. After I've finished some games I might take a break and play some Wii U or 360 again. No point in rushing it or binge-playing, I'm going to take my time and enjoy every game.
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D.J Cat
Sep 8 2016, 09:42 AM
Great to see a bunch of you playing recently.
Love hearing all about it!

The 64 on a CRT is as good as it gets.

Never mind going back to the future.
Go forward to the past!

Been loving Turok: Dinosaur Hunter lately.

Everything about it.
The atmosphere. The music.
Those driving drumming beats that really get you into the mood.
The weapons are so pleasurable.
Quality over quantity.
Up to level 6, the treetop villages, my favourite level.
You start up high, then go straight down and then climb up again. And then the weather effects kick in and it's just the best.

Yeah, amazing game. As you can probably guess from my avatar, it's one of my favourite games of all time. I'm planning to do another playthrough soon and I'm really looking forward to it. Have not properly played it since '97, only occasionally played it for a few minutes just to listen to the music and feel the the atmosphere. But before I play it again, I want to set up a sound system in my N64 room to make the most of the sound and music. It's just like you said, those drum beats really sets the mood and help create an incredible jungle atmosphere. Immersion is the key-word with this game.

It really blew me away when it came out. I won't argue that the gameplay was better than other first-person-shooters at the time, but no other game in the genre had managed to create the same level of immersion. It also had the most over the top destructive weaponry I had seen, and surely Tal'Set must be one of the most stoic, badass character the genre has ever seen. "I AM TUROK" :lol:
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I've been playing a lot of Pilotwings 64 lately. I really love this game, it was the first game I bought for the N64 actually. I could have gotten Mario 64 first, that would seem the logical choice for most people, but I've always had a thing for flight games. Pilotwings was one of my favorite games on the SNES too and I was really into flight sims on PC back then, so Pilotwings 64 was the perfect game for me.

I think the graphics still look gorgeous and the attention to detail really makes for an immersive experience. The objectives are fun and challenging, but the game really is at its best when you forget the objectives and just explore each of the four worlds. The sense of freedom is something that few games can match, and it's also very relaxing too play. It's not so realxing when you try to get perfect scores though. I'm gonna get all the gold medals at least. On my old save file I had managed to get perfect scores on nearly everything, and right now it seems impossible to match those scores. I don't know where I got my patience from back then, but I suppose I didn't have many other games to distract me.
Edited by Turok81, Sep 24 2016, 06:08 PM.
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Sep 24 2016, 06:48 PM
Thats great that you can enjoy it. It seems alot of people had similar experiences with Pilotwings 64, but is one of the very few n64 games I just can't get into. Mostly because the whole point seems to be maximising score which isn't very relaxing too me. I can tell it was impressive when the system first came out but something about it seems more antiquated than most games to me. I have more fun just flying around in Grand Theft Auto 5. So many games now have flying thats more complex than all of Pilotwings and huge detailed worlds and they usually have other things to do on top of that. It's just not for me.
Yes, Pilotwings is definetly not for everyone. It doesn't have any real sense of purpose to it, which is bound to put some people off while others love it for that very reason. It's one of those games that you either get it or you don't. I have always had a very big thing for games that involve flying, so that's probably why I love it. I think it really nailed the feeling of flying, making it accessible without dumbing it down too much.
D.J Cat
Sep 24 2016, 09:40 PM
My housemate and I played through the game a few years ago and got perfect or near perfect scores eventually.
I found it easier than I thought it would be.
Like the scoring system is more generous then I remember or thought it would be.

Yeah, really good game though, that atmosphere and music.
Maybe if you didn't play it back on the day you don't get the nostalgia bonus flavour.

Also, the cannonball game. 😎
We used to play trying to give the characters the most painful or amusing landing possible.
Like on a tiny boat way off in the distance etc.

Oh and Turok 2.
Played through about half of level 4 and found it really enjoyable.
Great music, atmosphere, level design and slow down not too bad either.
I didn't finish the level, so if I missed an objective or key, not sure how much I would have enjoyed it then but still, quite liked it.
Look forward to my next proper play through...probably sometime next decade.
Pretty sure I will play through Turok 1 at least once a decade.
It has aged so well.
The hangglider missions where you have to photograph stuff is a nightmare to perfect scores on, especially the last one where there are three different objects. There are just so many factors involved in that one. It's a small miracle getting just two perfect photos, let alone three. And even if you do, you still have to get a perfect landing. Some of the others are surprisingly easy though.

I'm also gonna do a playthrough of Turok soon, I agree it has aged very well. Much more playable than Turok 2 which can turn into a slide show at times.
Edited by Turok81, Sep 25 2016, 10:50 AM.
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