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Controller Reviews
Topic Started: Aug 7 2006, 05:16 PM (24,975 Views)
Sharkpad Pro
Posted Image
Price - $29.99 (new, years ago)
Manufacturer - Interact
Features - Turbo and slow

Design and feel: First of all, look at it. Just look at it. It alone looks cool, the reason me and my brother bought it together so many years ago. It's got clear plastic, showing off the lusterous chip on the inside. There's two black plates around the buttons, which go towards preventing from making the surface too plain-looking.

It is significantly thicker than the standard controller, which can be an advantadge if you've got big hands like me. The handles seem to fit my hand really well, in spite of the outer two being angled slightly outward. None of the buttons are uncomfortable to reach. It's got an overall different design than the standard, yet is in no way unfavorable. Arguably, it's got an even better design.

Posted Image

One of the biggest things is that the controller is made out of a very smooth plastic. This compared to the Nintendo controller is like the pavement on your street compared to the pavement in your garage (if you have ever roller bladed, you'll know what I mean).

Score: 4.5/5 (sweet :P)

Control and response: It works every bit as good as the N64 controller, with just a few significant flaws.

-The dpad is unbalanced. It leans towards the top-left diagonal when pressing either up or left, and you have to click it in noticeably harder when pressing the down-left diagonal.

-Won't work with the rumble pak. If you like to fish on Zelda, or can't play Goldeneye or Perfect Dark without it, this controller is not for you. It'll go in, but the C buttons, the Start button, and the dpad will not work. It does work with my memory pak from Performance though.

-Control stick responds when on an idle tilt. You know how the standard control stick will tilt when it is worn. This one has an extremely minor, slight idle tilt. Bond moves slightly forward on Goldeneye when this happens.

But a lot of that is minor when you consider how few games require the use of the dpad, that the rumble pak is optional, and that the control stick won't tilt unless you are holding the controller awkwardly. From what I've experienced, these flaws are entirely dismissable.

Score: 3/5 (normal)

Control stick: As far as I know, it does not wear. I've owned it since at least 1997, though I've used it much less than my other controllers. Other than that little issue I discussed, there's no problem with it. It's got a small groove on the center that allows you to grip it, much like the grooves on the Gamecube controller's shoulder buttons.

Posted Image

Score: 4.0

Overall: As I have said, it's definitely worth checking out. The flaws are extremely minor compared to what it's got to offer: An awesome design, a good control stick, and acceptable control. Definitely worth checking out if you ever see it. In all, I'd give it a 4.25, above average.

Controller back
JadeYoshi from GameFAQs.
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The Rock: 64 Bit
Posted Image
If you see this controller, treat it like you would any other rock - skip it!
Price: ???
Manufacturer: Naki
Features: None

Design and feel: Holy ****, where do I start? You can see the problems already: the square top, and something else which is just ridiculous. Let's see here:

Posted Image

Near the bottom of each handle, there is a hump, which becomes an obstacle while even trying to grip it. There's no way to get around it, except to only hold the controller without your pinky and ring fingers. It looks pretty much like they ripped the handles right off Nintendo's controller and gave them blisters.

The R and L buttons are on the back of it in the same sense as the Z button. This is the main reason I bought it, I thought that was cool. However, putting your index fingers on the back of the controller will ensure that the square corners will dig into your fingers. Had they mounted them on top, your index fingers would be above those corners and therefore that wouldn't be a problem.

Oh yeah, and another thing. Upon further inspection, I noticed that in the top few screwholes on the back, they didn't even bother to put in screws!!! This includes the screwholes for the controller pak slot.

The only redeeming value that the design has is the main action buttons. They are completely flat, smooth, and easy to press. It feels really good to press them.

Posted Image

Score: 1.5 (Awful. Almost my worst score.)

Control and response: They could have made up with it here, but guess what? It works even worse than it feels. It's the worst functioning controller I've ever owned in my LIFE.

The day I got it, the control stick pulled to the right for absolutely no reason. My character on Mario Kart would just go up against the wall. This was when it was factory fresh. Guess how it works these days?

I tried putting it in again. As with quite a few 3rd party controllers, it wouldn't go in, as the plastic had expanded and it was too big. I got a "no controller" error of course.

Next time, I got it to respond. But guess what? It actually made my game, 1080 Snowboarding, freeze. First at the N64 logo, then at the main menu, then somewhere else. I can confirm that the controller was the cause, since I tried it with my Sharkpad afterwards, which of course worked fine.

Score: 1/5 (Garbage the day I got it.

Control stick: The last nail in the coffin. Not only did it pull right the very day I got it, but the design is bad. It feels alright to move around, but take a look.

Posted Image

You can just barely see it, but there are 8 little dots in the middle, in this form -

Had they not had that, it would have become a hindrance to grip it correctly. However, since they did that to provide grip, you've got 8 little tiny dots digging into your thumb. No way anyone thought that this was a good idea. The only excuse possible is that Naki thought that blind people played the N64 and put something on it that means control stick, if :::: even means that in Braille.

Score: 0/5 (Unusable the day I got it)

At least it's not false advertising. It was aptly named "The Rock", and that's all it is. Something that does nothing but take up space. It was so half-arsed, and it's obvious that it is. Do not buy this garbage.

Overall: 3/4 of a point/5 (Compare the pros to the cons)
JadeYoshi from GameFAQs.
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