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Controller discussion; N64 controller discussion - collecting/issues/help
Topic Started: Jul 23 2006, 12:29 AM (43,543 Views)
G'Day guys,
I have been collecting N64 stuff since I was 6, but have only recently started buying a few rare things.
Among the collection so far is over 50 games, including all the rareies like paper mario, ogre battle, kirby 64, etc etc (Should point out I'm from australia, so may not be rare for you guys :-P)

My prized collection however are my controllers.
I currently have 20, and was wanting your help to complie a list of every controller that was ever made (excluding us/eu/jp name differences)
Here is what I already have (all with brand-new josticks):

Black/Grey (Mario Kart)
Fire Orange
Grape Purple
Ice Blue
Jungle Green
Smoke Grey
Watermelon Red
Atomic Purple
Atomic Yellow
Clear Blue/White
Blue/Yellow Pokemon
Yellow/Blue Pokemon
Orange Pikachu
Blue Pikachu
Daiei Hawks Orange/Black
Justco 30th Grey/White
Nintendo Power DK

Here are the rest I am aware of, any additions to this list GREATLY appreciated.

Clear Red/White
Black/Grey (Hello Mack)
E3 Gold/Black
Nintendo Power 100
Nintendo Power Millenium - ordered

If anyone has any of the above, I will happy pay well for them.

Cheers guys,
Edited by fwnsp, Mar 14 2010, 01:57 PM.
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Jan 17 2010, 09:02 AM
Hi there,

I can help with your list of controllers. From the list you've posted there's a few that are incorrect or missing.

Atomic Yellow - you've named this incorrectly. I think you probably mean the Extreme Green controller:


The black/white controller is most likely the black/grey Mario Kart 64 controller released only in Japan


But there was also a limited edition Hello Mack controller that was also black/grey but had a small logo on the front:


You've not got the Midnight Blue controller on you list:


I've a suspicion that this may be the same color as Grape purple but I've not been able to confirm this yet. If you're able to confirm that with some evidence I'd like to know about it. :)

The other controller that's missing from your list is the gold/black E3 1997 controller:


And you don't have any of the officially licensed third party controllers on your list. If it's official controllers only then I can understand why but it's worth mentioning that a few of the Japanese officially licensed controllers used Nintendo parts and were only slight variations on the official controller. The three that share the most parts and are most similar are the ASCII 64:


The Hudson Joycard 64:


And the Hori Commander 64:


They all have Nintendo-made control sticks, buttons, etc. and share most of the features of the official controllers.

Also missing from your list is the Chinese iQue Player. Its not a N64 controller as such (i.e. you can't just plug it into a N64 console... without modification), but it is a controller for N64 games and is made by Nintendo:


I own five of the seven controllers that you menioned you are looking for but I'm not looking to sell them, sorry. My advice would be to check eBay regularly, the Nintendo Power controllers do still show up occasionally. The Clear Red, Clear Blue, and Mario Kart 64 controllers should be easy enough to track down, the rest will need a lot of patience and a bit of luck.
thanks mate,
The atominc yellow was realeased under that name here, so keeping it in that group.
the midnight blue is grape purple, after much painstaking i have confirmed this.

i'm about to head off to work, but will update my list with your credit later, thanks mate.

on a side note, do you hae a list of gamecube controllers? i currently have 6 types, and am aware of 14 different types realeased.


the grey/black mario kart controller, are these just standard grey and black colours? is there anything special about them or would a mock up look the same? might be a cheaper option before one comes up for sale.
Edited by fwnsp, Jan 17 2010, 02:18 PM.
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i found a seller that was selling a boxed midnight blue console, and got comparative photos with the same set white balance.
in most photos the midnight blue does look a little bluer, but is identical to grape purple in all lighting situations.
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Jan 18 2010, 04:24 AM
nice collection so far (",)

And congrats on Paper Mario. Being in Australia too, I know how they go for...
thanks mate,
i actually got it cheap, unfotunately no box but i'll live.
my most prized controller is the daiei hawks one, it is boxed and never used- ever :-)
i have the oppertunity to buy the justco one, but its about 200 bucks, which is hard to justify because its not as pretty as other ones.

does anyone know if the mario kart (black/grey) and justco (clear grey/clear white) are the same colours as other controllers? i am pretty much broke at the moment, so if i could frankenstein a mockup to complete my display i would.

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ars2pd, i already have the extreme green, aka atomic yellow.

the one i am chasing are these (with waht price i'll pay)

Clear Red/White $40
Black/Grey (Hello Mack) $50
E3 Gold/Black $my soul :-P
Nintendo Power 100 $150

of course if ones comes up for sale i'd probably end up paying more... i just can't find any at the moment
Edited by fwnsp, Mar 14 2010, 01:58 PM.
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yes serious about prices.
boxes are not essential, but have to be in good>very good condition, i.e. no paint wear marks, no scratches, joystick condition not applicable (i have a drawer fill of brand new joysticks). i will still buy them if they are scratched/damaged, or even in brand new unopened condition, but will pay appropriately.

if you even see a millenium controll for sale please let me know, i'm offering such a high amount purely because i can't find anything, talk to me and you migh tget more :-P.

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Jan 22 2010, 02:25 AM
Jan 22 2010, 12:02 AM
yes serious about prices.
if you even see a millenium controll for sale please let me know, i'm offering such a high amount purely because i can't find anything, talk to me and you migh tget more :-P.

well i havent seen any millenium controllers for sale for some time but at the moment there are three dk 64 controllers for sale on amazon, they are going for around 70.00 us just save one for me :yeah:
unfortunately neither of the dk 64 controllers on amazon are shippable to aus.
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still desperately chasing the controllers, specifically the 3 nintendo power ones.
i've got a lot of money saved up, specifically for these, so will be willing to pay well.

i lost the email, but i had one offer i rejected due to cost (at the time), so please re-email me and we can make a deal :)

email address is fwnsp@three.com.au

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i've updated the original post,
got 6 biggies, now chasing the NP100, clear red/white, hello mack and E3 controllers.
good money paid!
for the record, i spent almost 1000 buying the 6 i marked as "ordered".
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Hi everyone!
I finally got around to mounting my controllers. There is still a fourth teir to come for the rest.
I beleive this is 99% complete as far as genuine controllers go. It's probably the most complete collection in all of Australia!

Posted Image

Grey, Black, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, Gold, Mario Kart
Atomic, Smoke, Jungle, Ice, Grape, Watermelon, Fire, Extreme
Clear/Blue, Clear/Red, Justco 30th, Daiei Hawks, Blue Pikachu, Orange Pikachu, Yellow Pokemon, Blue Pokemon

Posted Image

Yet to be mounted:
DK64, NP100, Millennium 2000
Hori Minipad (White), ACSII Pad (Watermelon), Superpad 64

If anyone knows of any I've missed (excluding non-genuine), please let me know. I also need about 10 aftermarket controller packs, the kinda that stick out 1cm furthur than genuine ones, to complete the stand.

Thanks guys!
Edited by fwnsp, Jul 31 2010, 05:25 AM.
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yep, they are all either brand new controllers, or have brand new joysticks fitted. i bought about 50 replacement sticks- still have spares, and other controllers i use.

the mount is a controller pack attached to the timber, so the controllers are fully removable and usable and reorderable :)
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just updated the main photo, all pretty and cables are organised.
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first thing, i made sure the memory cards would sit flat.
i then arranged them, and 3 rows of 8 worked well.

i measured and cut 3 rows of timber, then marked where the memory cards would sit so the controllers would sit evenly, about 17cm apart.

after all this, i simply made a hole in the top of each memory card with the screws i was using, you could drill them out though.

then put the screw through the timber, and lined it up with the hole in the memory pack.

took me about 2 hours to build, over 2 days.
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Pimpin Mainer
Aug 9 2010, 06:19 PM
Thats so cool. I have 7 controllers nothing special but i do have a green Hori Mini Pad which i am in love with
hey man that looks brilliant, i think i need to paint my stand now :-P
do you have a pic on the hanger by itself? i might make up somethign like that for the 5 odd controllrs i use daily.
a little bit jealous :P
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