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N64 collection discussion; Discuss and show your new games, collection and wishlist!
Topic Started: Apr 5 2006, 01:09 PM (111,440 Views)
Deleted User
Deleted User

These games I used to have before my Nintendo 64 broked in November, 2007 (Will be getting another one):

Super Mario 64
Banjo-Kazooie (One of the two last games I had for the system)
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six (See above)
Lego Racer
Super Smash Bros.
Mario Party
Space Station Silicon Valley
BattleTanx: Global Assault
Donkey Kong 64
F1 Racer game
NBA Hangtime
Namco Musuem 64
A Madden Game for the system
Pokemon Stadium
A Baseball game

Games I've never owned but played more then a few times:
Diddy Kong Racing
Mario Party 2
Mario Party 3
Mario Golf
Hot Wheel Turbo Racing
Mario Kart 64
Goldeneye 007
Vigilante 8
Vigilante 8: Second Offense
Tony Hawk Pro Skater
Mickey Mouse Speedway USA
Yoshi's Story
Kirby 64: The Crystal Shard
Pokemon Stadium 2
Pokemon Snap!
Ken Griffin Jr. Slugfest (Is that right?)
NLF Blitz 2000

Games I currently have on the Virtual Console:
Super Mario 64
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Yoshi's Story
F-Zero X
Super Smash Bros.
Sin & Punishment

In this thread, you'll find my dreamlist once I get another Nintendo 64: http://s9.zetaboards.com/Nintendo_64_Forever/topic/7186176/1/?x=0#post8054616
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Deleted User
Deleted User

@l0whit07: That's one impressive collection. I'm not surprise you're a huge Nintendo 64 fan. I'm hoping for an similar collection, except that I'll actually play them.

This is my wishlist. It's pretty big and if I ever complete it, it will take years to do:

- Mario Tennis
- Mario Party
- Mario Party 2
- Mario Party 3
- Banjo-Kazooie
- Banjo-Tootie
- Conker's Bad Fur Day
- Donkey Kong 64
- Goldeneye 007
- Perfect Dark
- Vigilante 8
- Vigilante 8: Second Offense
- Dr. Mario 64
- Rush 2: Extreme Racing USA
- Crusin' World
- Re-Volt
- BattleTanx: Global Assualt
- Diddy Kong Racing
- Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness
- Harvest Moon 64
- Mortal Kombat Trilogy
- Mortal Kombat 4
- Killer Instinct: Gold Edition
- Worms: Armengandon
- Beetle Adventure Racing
- Star Wars: Rouge Squadron
- Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine
- Star Wars: Episode 1 Battle For Naboo
- Mega Man 64
- Resident Evil 2
- Space Station Silicon Valley
- Lego Racer
- The World Is Not Enough
- Tony Hawk Pro Skater
- Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2
- Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3
- Mickey Mouse Speedway USA
- Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six
- Rayman 2: The Great Escape
- Jet Force Gemini
- NBA Hangtime
- Extreme G
- Turok: Dinosaur Hunter
- Turok 2: Seeds Of Evil
- Wetrix
- Pilotwings 64
- Ridge Racer 64
- Namco Musuem 64
- Tetrisphere
- The New Tetris
- Bomberman 64: The Second Attack
- Bomberman Hero
- Mischeif Maker
- Hot Wheel Turbo Racing
- Pokemon Stadium
- Pokemon Stadium 2
- WipeOut 64
- Mission: Impossible
- Rocket: Robot On Wheels
- Transformer
- Chameleon Twist
- Glover
- WWF Wrestlemania 2000
- Lode Runner 3D
- Bangai-O
- All Stars Baseball 2001
- F-1 World Gran Prix
- Custom Robo
- Custom Robo V2

And update about me getting an Nintendo 64, I will not be able to use Paypal since I am not old enough for one. However, I should be old enough to use a debit card if I'm lucky, so all I need to do is learn how to pay online with a debit card, get a debit card, and enough money, and hopefully, I'll be able to get an Nintendo 64. Otherwise, I'm screwed since my family hates credit cards.
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Deleted User
Deleted User

Wow, sixty-seven titles that I would be interested in. That's really is a lot. Might as well get a job first.
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Deleted User
Deleted User

D.J Cat
Feb 15 2010, 05:32 PM
Super Smash Bros. Fan
Feb 15 2010, 11:17 AM
Might as well get a job first.
Haha, yeah.
Thats cool though.
Not many kids these days have enough respect for the :n64: , and you want to work JUST to play it.
Thats dedication. :yeah:

And yeah, debit cards are absolute win.
Paying with your OWN money, I wouldn't do it any other way.
Credit cards ARE stupid and worth hating, the concept behind them is utterly stupid as well.

Good luck! ;)
Thanks for the complimation. And my grandparents agree, credit cards suck. BTW, I'm getting an pre-paid one, can you use that to pay online (Not old enough for a real one sadly)?

Anyway, here is my plan to get an Nintendo 64. It'll consist of multiple steps:

1. Figure out what you need with an Nintendo 64 console (Done)
2. What you need to learn about paying online (Done)
3. Set up a plan to get Nintendo 64 (Done)
4. Get a job and open an bank account. Also get an debit card.
5. Get enough money to afford an Nintendo 64.
6. Buy an Nintendo 64 with a game OR find someone to sell a Nintendo 64 to me.
7. Have fun with an Nintendo 64.
8. Once I get bored with the game I have or need to get an peripheal required, I'll buy some online or wherever I can find it.
9. Repeat step seven and eight until there is nothing else I want out of the system or get an PS3 (Which in that case, take a break from my N64). This repeation will take years to end, which is an sweet deal considering that the Nintendo 64 is one of my favorite video game system.

I'll post my progress here if you don't mind. If you do mind, I'll make a thread about this. If I post my progress in another thread as requested by other people, once I get an Nintendo 64, I'll tell you guys, let a few posts out, and when it starts to die down, ask an admin to close it. However, once I get an Nintendo 64, I'll be posting my collection here.
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Deleted User
Deleted User

I just asked my grandparents if I could go to work anytime soon, but my grandfathers thinks it's a bad idea. I can understand why, I need to keep my grades up and I don't want my GPA to suffer. However, I do not want to wait until I'm a junior to get a job, by that time, I'll have to start saving up for college and disregard all other things.

However, while it is doubtful I'll be able to work at fifteen, maybe it'll change when I turn sixteen. Then again, this isn't really bad news anyway. I wasn't expecting to afford an N64 during the sophomore school year anyway. But then comes summer, which is an great oppertunity to save up money for one. And even after I get an Nintendo 64 and all that, I will still hold a job. Why? Half of my money is going towards my grandparents, since they desperately need it (They're retired, so they don't make any money) and three-fourth of the money I earn goes toward more important things. So basically, for every paycheck, one-eight of it will go towards spending money for entertainment.

I remain optimistic as ever about the situation, so there isn't really any delay. There's a guy who's willing to trade with me when I get $60. Including possible shipping fee (Let's say $10, which brings the overall cost to $70) and I should have the money in nine weeks of working. If I start on the 1st Monday of June, I should be able to afford it by August. Then again, I predicted the same thing for the PS3 purchase I was going to make at the same time. However, I plan on work fourty-hours weekly so it'll probably be much faster then that.

But even when I get an Nintendo 64, will my grandparents let me work throughout my school year during my junior year? I really hope so, because I'm not about to let my upcoming Nintendo 64 collection become useless just a few weeks or so after buying it.

But who knows? I might be able to convince my grandparents that I can work AND keep up at school. Being someone who is determined to not only work to get what he wants, but also help his family, there is a slim chance that I'll be posting news of me having an Nintendo 64 shortly during June.

Feb 16 2010, 11:49 AM
Since you're starting your own N64 collection, the discussion should be in this topic. There's no need to start another topic. Keep us posted on how you get on. :)
Thank you very much. You will expect updates on a semi-regular bases if not more.
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Deleted User
Deleted User

@l0whit07: I don't think that's much of a problem. I have seen simlar size images from admins (Especially alxbly).

Here is some update on me getting an Nintendo 64. Right now, me and another guy are planning a trade between each other once I can fork over the money (Which will take months). The guy has an Nintendo 64 w/ three controllers, tons of memory paks (Controller Paks), WCE/NWO Revenge/Mario Kart 64/Mario Golf/Mario Tennis/and all the necessary cables. The guy had questionable grammer somewhat difficult to understand and we met online via IGN. I asked these questions and here are the answers he gave:

1. Would there be shipping cost? He said it he would look into it, but all that really means is I have to save up some extra cash, no big deal.

2. Would you need an Paypal account to trade online (Money to the person you're trading with and the thing you want that the person gives)? He doesn't have a Paypal account, so that's probably a no. However, he's not sure how we can trade other then me sending an check to him, and even then, I'm worried it's a little unsafe and I doubt my grandparents would fly with that. Also, I do not want to reveil my street address or my city name. I am currently trying to find a way to pay him online with a pre-paid debit card that I'm planning to get.

3. Does the controller stick work properly? This one I was also worried about. He had three controllers. Two of which were first-party controllers that were perfectly responsive. The third-party controller he had said it worked fine, but the thumbpad was broken.

4. Was the Nintendo 64 console NTSC or PAL? Luckily, it's NTSC.

To be fair, I'm not sure if this trade will go well. I am worried that I'll end up wasting money for nothing even if the trade goes as planned. It's a good thing I'm planning ahead because I don't want it to go bad because I really do want an Nintendo 64. So with all that said, should I go with the trade or should I cancel it?
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Deleted User
Deleted User

Feb 20 2010, 11:26 PM

That sounds very questionable to me. I personally wouldn't do it. I only ever buy from the likes of ebay or amazon or in person. A lot of people do business through forums and stuff, but I believe most people use Paypal, so there is evidence of the transaction. I don't have experience with buying on forums, but I would only do it with paypal and I definitely would not send a check. I find lots of good deals on craigslist. You should easily be able to get a system and a game or 2 for about $30.
I will take your suggestions, especially since I have no experience from buying from other people online. I'll create an Ebay account once I complete the steps I plan to take to pay for stuff online. I heard in the USA that you don't need an Paypal account to pay online, good thing because I'm only fifteen and you have to be eighteen to get one.

Thanks for the help.
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Deleted User
Deleted User

Feb 22 2010, 12:44 PM
Super Smash Bros. Fan
Feb 20 2010, 11:11 PM
Here is some update on me getting an Nintendo 64. Right now, me and another guy are planning a trade between each other once I can fork over the money (Which will take months). The guy has an Nintendo 64 w/ three controllers, tons of memory paks (Controller Paks), WCE/NWO Revenge/Mario Kart 64/Mario Golf/Mario Tennis/and all the necessary cables. The guy had questionable grammer somewhat difficult to understand and we met online via IGN. I asked these questions and here are the answers he gave...
That's sounds like a pretty risky deal to me. He could easily walk away with your cash, and you end up with nothing. I'd say wait on a pre-pay credit card or just keep checking thrift stores/garage sales for a good deal.
I haven't tried thrift stores or garage sales yet, but I will start trying those. But I'm more likely to wait until I get an pre-pay debit card, especially since my grandparents are against credit cards and I believe them. The person above already told me that it wouldn't be an good idea so I'm cancelling that trade. Last thing I need is to waste $60 on something I worked for.

But anyway, here are more updates. First of all obviously, I am cancelling that trade with the person I mentioned above, due to it being risky. And another thing, I asked my grandmother about getting me an Nintendo 64. She basically laughed at my idea saying that it was outdated and that I would get bored of it really quick. However, I have tons of games I'm wanting to get for the system and I know it will not disappoint. Knowing that getting an old console is much cheaper then let's say, the Playstation 3, she'll probably let me fly with the idea, which is great news.

Now all I need is a job and the supplies needed to pay online. I am also confirming that I will be using mainly Ebay for my shopping of Nintendo 64 games. I'll be diving into the relatively rare games first like Worms Armaggendon and Conker's Bad Fur Day, since I don't want to miss the oppertunity to get them before they skyrocket even more.

Given that I start in the summer, I'll be able to completely afford the system by late June and start collecting games from then. I'm even considering not getting an Playstation 3 because of this.
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Deleted User
Deleted User

D.J Cat
Feb 23 2010, 06:17 PM
Ebay is pretty good, but you should still check 2nd hand shops, etc, you can find some of th emost unbelievable bargains by dumb luck.
Few years ago the video shop near where I lived was selling off all its N64 games for $5 each. Still kinda kicking myself for not buying Paper Mario!
But I got 8 games for $40 including Donkey Kong 64 WITH an expansion pak.
And my friend got Perfect Dark with expansion pak for the same price.

Also, its really encouraging to see people your age appreciate the N64.
I've been playing N64 with someone your age a bit lately, even though everyone else was playing new games (mostly Brawl in the other room), it good too see some people play games just because there more fun and not care that they're old.

Very well, I'll consider looking at 2nd hands shop. After all, you did get great deals on them, so why not try them? I'll also look at flea markets. I saw an Nintendo 64 there for $50 during Spring Break, 2008 in Forth Worth, Texas. I wanted one, but my dad said it was a bad idea to start all over. Later, I would come to realize that I made a big mistake. Once I get the money for an Nintendo 64, I will make sure not to make that mistake again.

I'm glad that it actually encourge you when people my age acutally apperatice the system. And just becuase the game is outdated doesn't mean it sucks and they can even be more fun then the latest best game on the market.
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Deleted User
Deleted User

I just joined Smash World Forums and I heard that in the USA where I live, you can get an Paypal account and a debit card before turning eighteen. Prometheus has two Nintendo 64's and he's willing to sell me one once we both have an Paypal account and I can get enough money.

Once that happens, do you think it'll be a safe trade?
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Deleted User
Deleted User

I'm really hoping on getting an Hori Mini Pad someday as a controller. I want to have the assurance that at least one of my N64 controller will have a working controller stick.

BTW, what are a list of stores where you can find Nintendo 64 stuffs? I'm not talking about online stores, I'm talking about something like Wal-Mart, but they store Nintendo 64 games.
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Deleted User
Deleted User

Mar 21 2010, 12:32 AM
My super small N64 collection... took me 2 years to even acquire this small collection. :-/
Maybe I should spend less money on camera equipment and spend more on expanding my collection. :P

Posted Image
Not too bad there. Sixteen titles (From what I can see, tell me if you have more or less then that) is around the same amount I had.

Also, some good news. My grandparents approved of me having a job and my grandfather sent an application in to Albertson. Given that they respond and the job does come through, I should have a job within several weeks, around my birthday!
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Deleted User
Deleted User

Bad news, there are no Game Crazy or Video Game Cavern in my town. Looks like I'll have to hit Ebay eventually or go to the flea markets unless there are any others suggestions for retro gaming stores.

However, I will try thrift stores as well. But only after I start to get a job.

Neverthless, I do thank the people who did suggest those places (Look at N64 Recommendations).
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Deleted User
Deleted User

@MarioLuigi25: I'd avoid Yoshi's Story if I were you. I heard the game wasn't that good and I personally thought it was mediocre.
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Deleted User
Deleted User

Has anyone here heard of 3D Games? There's one close to where I live and I'm thinking of buying Nintendo 64 games from there once I get the cash to buy a Nintendo 64. Has anyone experienced that place and do you think it's a good place to buy N64 games? Because it might be my only option (I'll try to stay away from eBay for the moment) for new retro titles.
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