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N64 collection discussion; Discuss and show your new games, collection and wishlist!
Topic Started: Apr 5 2006, 01:09 PM (111,419 Views)
Hey everybody!

I was on YouTube a few days ago, looking up GameCube controllers to purchase since my friends and I have worn about 3 down to near unusability. I ran into a Mario GameCube controller, which intrigued me a bit. So I did a google search for it. Somehow I wound up on watching lithium017's video comparing the blue's on GameCube controllers. I wondered how many controllers he had, and why he had so many. Then I clicked on another video, and I saw one of the greatest rooms I have ever seen in my life. (Seriously Lithium017... I really appreciate you uploading that stuff to YouTube. You are the inspiration for me taking on a whole new hobby!) Then I looked up more people on YouTube, and found you guys here! (I thought that was kind of cool. It made it feel like this is some well established secret group of elite collectors or something. Haha.)

Since then, the thought of collecting (and customizing controllers and consoles too, actually.) has absolutely consumed me. I want to be a collector. Not so much a game collector, but more so a console/controller collector. For the time being, at least.

I have always been the type that likes to collect.. (Pokemon cards and yugioh cards when I was young, hot wheels cars when I was very young, I caught all of the Pokemon in Sapphire, I was a coin collector for a short period. And I never sold or got rid of any of these things. I'm no hoarder, I just.. I guess I tie a nostalgic value to all of these things. And my thought has always been, "I won't sell these. They will go to my child when I have one." But I'm only 19, so that is a ways away.

So since I thought collecting Nintendo stuff might for me... I gave it some heavy thought, and I either want to collect N64s or GameCubes. Boxes are a MUST.

Which do you guys think it would be cheaper to collect?

I'm a college student, and I don't have a job, and really don't have time to get one. (I'm a music composition major. I'll show you guys a little 8-bit piece I wrote a year or so ago sometime, if you'd like!) But I have been considering learning to custom paint controllers and stuff. I'm really hoping I can learn to do that, and get enough money to basically fund my new found obsession. I'm remaining hopeful, but realistic. (I probably won't manage to successfully pull that off.)

But anyway, since I don't really have a job, collecting is going to be very slow for me.

I think I would RATHER collect GameCubes first, but if they are significantly more than N64s, I could easily switch to that instead.

Right now, the hardest thing for me is going to be taking that first step into collecting. Some people start collecting because they obtain a rare item or something. My collection right now is... Nothing. I have a pickachu N64 without the box, and a few controllers. (no more than 2 working) a GameCube, and a modest amount of games for each. It's going to be a hard thing for me to splurge on that first item, whatever it may be.

Today my girlfriend and I got up very early, and visited 4 neighborhood yard sales. I was hoping to find a real reason to begin collecting. But alas, hours later, we hadn't even seen a Nintendo product. So that was a sad thing. But not even slightly surprising.

Anyways, I guess I'm posting here just to say hi to everyone, to share my story, and to get a little advice and support.

For those of you that managed to read all of that... Thank you for your time, I really appreciate it! :)
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Wow! I actually didn't expect that many responses at all! I appreciate everyone taking the time to read my story.

@Alice Lawless -
Don't worry! I will be sure to make my collection completely unique! But I do need to start somewhere, haha. Based on the advice I received from several people here, it seems like I should start by collecting GameCubes. The GameCube is the most nostalgic system for me, because of my age at the time it came out, and because of the vast amounts of companionship I gained playing games like Sonic Adventure and Super Smash Bros. Melee with my best friends. Thank you very much for your advice/insight. I appreciate you taking the time to respond to me.

@SicCooper -
Thanks for the videos! I have already seen Lithium's videos, and have subscribed to his videos. I do not have the time to watch yours now, but I assure you that I will. (I have already subscribed to your channel.) That's so awesome that you guys upload videos like you do. I have no idea what makes you guys do it. I know I would never be able to buckle down and plan videos out, and then film and edit them... Lol. So I'm very glad you guys can!

@Brodieman -
Yeah, that story does sound quite similar to mine. I already feel addicted to the idea of collecting, and I don't even have anything yet! Haha. I will definitely take your advice with choosing what I love. I don't even have time to mess with something I'm not interested in. :P

Would you mind elaborating on what swap meets are, and what eBay sites you frequent?

I know of only ebay.com and ebay.ca. I live in the US, so do you think shipping will become outrageous at times?

@Mk II - That's great news! I'm not that into game collecting, but maybe I should pick up some of the rarer games right now in case they become even rarer? GameCube collecting will probably be my first investment. I should probably be thinking about a way to display them. Right now the only space I have is the closet. Lame.

@Lithium017 -
You're very welcome! I will definitely take your advice. I will collect GameCubes first, as that is my first interest. Then I will broaden my horizon from there.

I remember you mentioning that call and ask thing in one of your videos too. Unfortunately I wasn't able to with the last yard sale, but I could probably call in at the local videogame store. Do you think I would be able to convince them to contact me if certain things come in?

I figured it would be fun to just go ahead and put a link to the two chiptunes pieces I wrote about a year ago. I don't sell them, but you are welcome to download them for free and stream them if you'd like. I prefer the second one "Broken Clipboard" more.

Also, are there any places you guys recommend me frequenting? I know to check eBay, and Craigslist. There is a local game store I know of, and I will probably have a look there every once in a while. There are also like 3 pawn shops on the way to my college. But honestly, I don't expect to find much of anything locally... I have never found anything before, and I have checked many times. (Yard sales, pawn shopping, and thrift store browsing..) So are there any other sites or places I should check? I live in America, so I can't use any local listing sites not based in the US.

Now I just have to convince my friends that I haven't lost my mind... Haha. At first my girlfriend told me that it was a total waste of time, and that I would become addicted and obsessed... as well as materialistic. And that I would simply be wasting money. But I told her that it would make me happy, and that collecting the things are about nostalgia, and about having rare pieces of history that are tied to games that I have spent countless hours enjoying. After that, she said it clearly meant something to me, and left it alone. But her attitude might change either way when I start accumulating stuff.

My mom on the other hand was not convinced at all. And she still thinks it is a terrible idea. I have college to pay for, and no job, so her argument is understandable. But I can't help but satisfy the complete dork inside of me!

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