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Vigilante 8; October Game of the Month
Topic Started: Oct 1 2014, 11:05 AM (832 Views)
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Endure and survive...
Vigilante 8 won by a small margin. Congrats to those who nominated it. I personally never played it.
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The Red Shadow
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The Seeker
Sweeeeet! Gosh, I always loved the V8 games. Not as some sort of Twisted Metal killer but as an alternate car combat experience. The physics were a little on the floaty side but the game plays very well regardless. The characters were fun with a lot of personality and the cars were diverse with a 70s flavor to them. If you like car combat games then this is the way to go since Twisted Metal didn't get a release on the N64 for obvious reasons. By the way, I do have to admit that I've never played the N64 versions, only the PS1 and Dreamcast ones.
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Aw. Castlevania was so close to winning this month...

...but how could I be upset when it loses to Vigilante 8? I love how you got different missions depending on which character you played as and which side they were on (Vigilantes, Coyotes or neutral/Drifter). Every character is interesting with my favorite being Boogie ("WHOO! Let's move to the groove!"). However, I play my best when using Slick Clyde. That's good seeing as I prefer the Vigilante missions anyway. :)

It's not all about completing missions, though. There's still a mode for those who want to just go into a level and destroy cars with an armed disco ball. :lol: One thing I noticed when I first bought this game was that it controlled a lot better than Twisted Metal 2. Hey I love me some Twisted Metal, but even this biggest (playable) vehicles were so slippery it might as well have been called "Twisted Metal On Ice". In V8, I can actually stop turning when I want to.

Overall, Vigilante 8 remains one of my favorite games in my collection. I hear that V8: Second Offense is even better, but I still think the original holds up. I highly recommend it to anyone that has the faintest interest in car combat games. Oh and I suggest buying the N64 version since it comes with an exclusive unlockable arena. ;)
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Glad this won, a good reason to go back and play it again. Had loads of fun playing this on multi player.

Has anyone played the game that came before this. Interstate 76?

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This game was beyond awesome! Although it's the alternative to twisted metal. V8 has a lot to offer on the n64 console. For starters the graphics, not only the regular in game graphics are good, but with an expansion pack it looks even better. The 4 player multiplayer modes make it all the more merrier, of worth having :). As I recall this game also had bots at a good number, it did depend on how many people were playing, but the game did make it feel like more than 4 players that's for sure. The music was awesome, there's one particular I always listen to, however I forgot what track it was or what the name of it was. However, in conclusion, it's a great game, I played with and without friends. That's how fun the game was. It's a special type of game that goes on list of these titles.

Top 4 player multiplayer games with with bots and without:
Perfect Dark
Conker's Bad Fur Day
Smash Brothers
Mario Kart
F Zero X
Battletanx Global Assault
Extreme G
Forsaken 64
Duke Nukem 64
Quake 2
Diddy Kong Racing
Duke Nukem Zero Hour
WCW/NWO Revenge
Mario Party Series
Vigilante 8

I'm sure there is a lot more, these are just only the really good ones I think off the top of my head. :)
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This was a game I had reserved at my EB games store I saw some pics and bits n N64 magazine and really enjoyed Twisted Metal series. This looked like a good substitute plus 4 player match possibilities were great. However it was not as perfect as I wanted it to be although fun. My PAL copy had the occasional freeze up and crashed quite a bit. So i used that great but crazy 10 day return offer and just got my money back.
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