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Introducing myself
Topic Started: Feb 11 2017, 03:28 AM (282 Views)
Hey, another Nintendo 64 fan here. Jumped on the bandwagon pretty late with the console (didn't get one until halfway through the Wii's lifespan, Virtual Console sold me on the system) but since then it's become one of my favourite consoles.

Right now my collection is pretty small (12 games, 2 more coming in the mail), but I've played a ton of N64 games in the past, at least 40 I'd say, but I tend to sell off games when I'm done with them unless I really enjoy them and can see myself replaying them. Despite that I'm considering starting some collecting again, as I still own the rarer games so I don't have to worry about breaking the bank with those and there's a few that I wouldn't mind revisiting as well as others that I've never played. My favourites include Banjo Kazooie, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Mischief Makers, Paper Mario and Super Mario 64.

Unfortunately I've had some trouble signing up on the site. I haven't been able to get the account validation email sent to me to fully activate my account with, and trying to resend it didn't do anything either. Let me know if there's anything I can do to fix it. Thanks!
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Feb 11 2017, 07:21 AM
Welcome, Pocket! I'm always fascinated when I hear about people's newfound appreciation for the N64. It gets a bad rap for being a "blurry slideshow" by the mainstream these days.

But those games you mentioned are fantastic, and if you just stop worrying about graphics comparisons, the N64 has some of the best games on ANY system.

Glad you found us! I know one of our admins can help you with your account validation. Hang tight.
The funny thing is that on most other consoles I'm actually a bit of a frame-rate snob, especially on modern consoles, but it honestly doesn't bother me as much on the N64 since it has more of an excuse with the hardware not quite being there yet, whereas on something like the PS3 it's more questionable when so many PS2 games ran at a smooth 60FPS. Generally I'm just more impressed with what people were able to squeeze out of such an old console like the N64, Conker may be choppy but it honestly still looks better than a lot of early PS2 games despite the huge limitations it had. I also feel like most N64 games actually have a pretty solid framerate, other than about half of Rareware's games and the Turok games I can't think of many that really lag heavily. Nintendo's stuff always runs smoothly and heck, F-Zero X even had 60FPS which is insane for a 3D console game in 1998, as far as I know there weren't any other games of that era that had pulled that off.

I think a big part of why I like playing retro games is that consoles are super powerful now and can pull off amazing feats, but that's kind of the standard now, and it's kind of more impressive to see how the envelope was pushed when that WASN'T the standard and how programmers were able to pull off amazing things with so many limitations on how much data a cartridge could hold, how weak the console was by today's standards and not having things like update patches to fix things up in the future. You really get the feeling that nothing was wasted with games like Conker and Banjo Tooie.

Thanks for the welcomes, both of you!
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