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Mickey's Speedway USA; May Game of the Month
Topic Started: May 1 2017, 09:39 AM (331 Views)
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Mickey's Speedway USA is our vote off winner in a month where it faced strong voting for the competition. I know it is sometimes overshadowed by Rare's other N64 titles, specifically Diddy Kong Racing. It seemed to be a quality title in its own right. I only personally ever played it via emulation, but I would never hesitate picking up a copy if I ever run in to one in person.

It is Rare and Disney, how could you go wrong?
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So I was really more of a PS2 & Gamecube kid growing up since I was born in Ď97 (3 days after Diddy Kong Racing came out in fact) but the n64 was the first console I played. My parents basically gave me theirs and my cousin had a blue Pikachu one of his own. Combined we didn't have many games

Mario 64
Mario Party 2
Mario Party 3
Toy Story 2
Rugrats Scavenger Hunt
Star Wars Rogue Squadron
Hey you Pikachu
Pokemon Snap
Pokemon Stadium 1 + 2
Mortal Kombat 4 - Lost in a field and/or creek
Bass Hunter 64 - never played
NASCAR 99 - never played
Donkey Kong 64 - Never found the first level

Goldeneye - Wasn't allowed to play
Turok - Wasn't allowed to play

And Mickey's Speedway USA which the only one I have actual nostalgia for and probably the only game that makes me feel that way, even if that feeling dwindles each passing month. If people feel this way about every game from their childhood it's no wonder they want to revisit them over and over. I can actually feel something from my childhood when I play unlike all the rest of those games which I view with a strictly adult mind. Speedway was great for my young mind who had never experienced a kart racer before. I love the menu music and despite being annoying as hell I like all the character voice lines that constantly play (which you can turn off in the menu you freaking whiners).

Speaking objectively though it's obviously not as good a game as it could have been and if you played Diddy Kong Racing or Mario Kart 64 when they came out then it's no wonder it's disappointing. It's easy as hell even on Professional and it has very few control nuances to master since it was made exclusively for very young children, Once Mario Kart Double Dash came out I didn't play Mickey Speedway for more than 10 years but I still like it quite a bit.
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Poor RR64. We have a saying though, every dog has his day. By that I mean its time will come.

As for Mickey, a worthy winner indeed. It is a decent little cart racer in its own right and it is nice to be able to play a cart racer with familiar faces but a change to Mario Kart or Diddy Kong Racing.

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I have this game but still havent played it yet, maybe one day

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This was an immediate get for me thanks to Nintendo Power hyping it up so well. Even years later on this message board I've said it deserves to be a notable third alongside Mario kart 64 and Diddy Kong racing. How do I feel at this moment? Not as passionate as I was but it's still a good game.

The game itself plays fantastic. The controls are as tight as you'd expect from a first party or Rare game on the system. The racetracks are compelling and have some cool features to them, even if their generic city names (as opposed to Rainbow Road or Walrus Cove) make them harder to remember. Contest mode provides a decent add-on to Mario Kart's Battle mode and the Steamboat arena is notable for just being a really cool and well executed stage.

The problem lies with the presentation. I get that it's a Mickey Mouse game, but it all just seems too "kiddie" for me. The interactive menus are really neat to look at, but it's a constant reminder that this game is made for the younger set. When I played the game when I was younger, I had the music turned all the way down so I can't say much about it, but what I do remember also gives off that "kiddie" vibe. The most egregious example of this aesthetic, though, is the voice acting. Donald and Pete fare pretty well here, but everybody else's one liners sounded like things either little kids (whee! oopsie!) or old people (why I never! The very idea!) would say. The character-specific lines (Mickey would say something different if hit by Minnie or Donald, for example) was a neat idea but ultimately flopped because of the execution.

I may be griping a lot about this game, but it's still a good time with friends. Just think of it more as an "expansion pack" to Mario Kart and Diddy Kong Racing, rather than as an amazing game by itself. Most characters have some kind of parallel to each other between all three games (Peach/Pipsy/Minnie or Bowser/Krunch/Pete for example) and they all have that tight control so if you can play one you can most likely enjoy all three. Mickey's Speedway USA may be the clear third place, but it's a darn good trifecta :)
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