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A Me Non Mi Interessa!
bimbominkia! ahauhahaaha :D
Career Highlights:
- FWE Iron Man Title [Kamikaze]
- pVw Overwinged Title [Kamikaze][2]
- pVw Insane Clan Title [Ghetto Mayhem][2]
- EEWF Hardcore Title [Kamikaze]
- EEWF Pure Violent Title [Kamikaze]
- EEWF Most Violent Wrestler 2007 [Kamikaze]
- WFS X-Rated Title ["The Misfit" Dave Keel][2]
- EEWF Tag Team Title [Ghetto Mayhem]
- EEWF King Of The Ring 2007 [Kamikaze]
- WFS Internet Title [Kamikaze][2]
- mBw Kash Title ["The Misfit" Dave Keel]
- WFS FTR Title [Kamikaze]
- WFS Title [Kamikaze]
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