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Fuckinpalooza 2011 statistiche; Successione eventi e record eliminazioni
Topic Started: Jan 10 2012, 16:10 (167 Views)
Red Revolution Raven
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The Ugly
La Fuckinpalooza inizia con Dejan Petrovic e Magnus Borg.
Dejan Petrovic elimina Magnus Borg.
Entra JT Mayhem (versione Jack).
Dejan Petrovic elimina JT Mayhem.
Entra Charlie Napalm.
Entra "The Duke" Jimmy Barbaro.
Dejan Petrovic elimina Charlie Napalm.
Entra Joao Pequinho.
Entra Mobb Seneca.
Entra Brad Romero.
Dejan Petrovic elimina "The Duke" Jimmy Barbaro.
Brad Romero elimina Joao Pequinho.
Entra "Wildcat" Kenny McZax.
Mobb Seneca elimina Dejan Petrovic.
Brad Romero elimina "Wildcat" Kenny McZax.
Entra "The Shoremeister" Trevor Cole.
Mobb Seneca elimina Brad Romero.
Entra JT Mayhem (versione Tyler).
"The Shoremeister" Trevor Cole elimina Mobb Seneca.
Entra "The Hooligan" Kurt Hammer.
"The Shoremeister" Trevor Cole elimina JT Mayhem.
Entra The Artist.
Entra Red Revolution Raven.
The Artist elimina "The Hooligan" Kurt Hammer.
Entra Aaron Anderson.
The Artist e Red Revolution Raven eliminano "The Shoremeister" Trevor Cole.
Entra Nathan Storm.
Entra "Extreme Boy" Tommy Kent.
The Artist elimina Red Revolution Raven.
"Extreme Boy" Tommy Kent elimina Nathan Storm.
Entra "Astonishing" Max Cougar.
The Artist elimina Aaron Anderson.
Entra Kamikaze.
"Extreme Boy" Tommy Kent elimina "Astonishing" Max Cougar.
Entra Wildcore.
Kamikaze elimina The Artist.
Wildcore elimina "Extreme Boy" Tommy Kent.
Kamikaze schiena Wildcore.
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Red Revolution Raven
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The Ugly

Dejan Petrovic - 4
The Artist - 3,5
"Extreme Boy" Tommy Kent; Kamikaze; Brad Romero; Mobb Seneca; "The Shoremeister" Trevor Cole - 2
Wildcore - 1
Red Revolution Raven - 0,5
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