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Hi, and welcome to the Sublime Asylum forums.

Our clan is composed of relatively experienced P2P players in the online world of Runescape. Sublime Asylum is less of a clan and more of a nuthouse, as we prefer to think of it. That's what happens when you get people of various ages and backgrounds from all around the world. Our motto is "Because Nice Matters," which begets the type of nuts we attract - those who value friendship, mutual support and a place to hang out where you know others and they know you. Aside from game chat, we also schedule a variety of activities in game, from skilling events, killing big monsters, special events, etc.

As a guest, you are welcome to view the list of topics that are covered in our forums, and access selected sections (although you will not have posting rights). Because some members choose to share personal information in some sections, those are viewable by members only. But there is ample information for you to see what we're about:
* Clan Information such as rules and structure
* Sublime Asylum history (including clan lore which has a number of screenshots of past activities)
* Runescape information such as skilling, combat and diversions guides (all made by our members)
* Forum games
* Our calendar with events information

Membership is by invitation only, which means that we need to get to know you first. If "because nice matters" represents the type of person you are, you're likely a good fit. We invite you to join our clan chat and hang out, and you're welcome to find us at events (W89). Our chat is PG-13, and we ask people in our chat not to discuss divisive topics such as politics or religion... because nice matters, you see. It's not worth being right if it makes others feel insulted or angry, at least in a game (and a nuthouse) where people come to seek entertainment. Please read more on the topic of how to become a prospective nut in our clan rules section if you are interested in joining.

You are also invited to chat with Queenmom2, our "Keeper of Inmate Care," any of our three Wardens (Reesylum, Nice Matters, or Caro) or anyone in the clan, for that matter! (Warning: some of us talk more than others....)

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