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We have an expanded set of rules and policies within our boards which you should read, but here is a shorter, essential list of things you need to know before you agree to join the Asylum as a prospective nut:


1. NO DRAMA. In general, please avoid creating tension, aggravation, provocation, and similar that cause unhappiness between you and one or more members. Politics or religion have no place here; we play for fun.

2. Respect other players. We will NOT tolerate sexual harassment, racism, or stalking. Don't beg or flame others, most especially not clan mates and not on our forums or in cc.

3. Respect and obey Jagex rules.

4. Do not violate criminal or civil laws.

5. No pornographic or obscene materials, and keep our cc and forums PG-13 except for the adult humor section of forums.

6. Keep your account secure


1. Event participation - You don't have to attend any specific event, but we do expect attendance at an average of at least 2 events per month over a rolling 3 month period.

2. Event scheduling - Anyone can schedule and host an event; We have a Keeper of Group Therapy to help with that.

3. Clan capes - In order to earn attendance points, clan capes are REQUIRED at most clan events.

4. Non-exclusive clan - While you can join other clans unofficially, you must join and remain a member of our clan chat to be "in" the Asylum.

5. Prospective Nuts - "Prospective Nuts" (recruits or new members in most other clans) must be active in the clan for two consecutive months at which time the leadership group will review your activity in the clan. The only thing a prospective nut cannot do that an admitted nut can is sponsor other people into the clan.

We often hear from people seeking a clan that their previous clan was full of some sort of "drama." You should know that we have a very low tolerance of it here. Our motto is: Because Nice Matters. Enter at your own benefit.

NOTE: Before you apply to join the Asylum you can and should read the expanded rules and policies that you can view in our forums even as a guest. Requirements for admission to the nuthouse can be found there. But by applying, you must specifically indicate that you have read THIS version of our rules by checking below.

The Wardens,
Reesylum (Reese), Nice Matters (John) and Caro (Carol)