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Our clan is composed of relatively experienced P2P players in the online world of Runescape. Sublime Asylum is less of a clan and more of a nuthouse, as we prefer to think of it. That's what happens when you get people of various ages and backgrounds from all around the world. Our motto is "Because Nice Matters," which begets the type of nuts we attract - those who value friendship, mutual support and a place to hang out where you know others and they know you.

We no longer maintain this website, so please interact with us in game!

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QBD Times + Gear Used; Best QBD Setups
Topic Started: Mar 15 2016, 06:13 PM (74 Views)
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So...My fastest time was 2:01 with the following...
Slayer Helm (blk dragon task)
Arma chestplate
Arma Chainskirt
Arma Gloves and Boots
Dragon Rider Ammy
Beserker Ring (i)
Royal Crossbow + Dragonbane Bolts
Vampirism Aura + S/S + Anguish
Grand Ranging, Defense, and Super Prayer Restore (Super Antifires)
War Tortise Familiar filled with Sharks

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I'd say this isn't a bad time for being in augmented T70s and using an augmented RCB.
This time and lower is possible without the use of OVL's or S.OVL's. Just takes a bit of practice and knowing when to move around.
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