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lollywood and bollywood dvds where
Welcome to the forum, alfred :)
There is a thread here with the best bollywood stores!

Thanx for understanding...Looks a nice tape really!

Lars, I'm sorry for the broken promise my friend...But I cannot afford to buy anything this month :(

Rare Horror US VHS on ebay
This seller has a lot of rare USA horror VHS auctions on ebay! Nice covers! He could ship outside USA but you must ask him first.

List of Rarities to Trade
I have:
Bruce lee vs. Gay Power
The Snake Queen (Greek print)

List of Rarities to Trade
Oct 25 2008, 08:12 PM

If for any reason a topic like this is not allowed, please delete it, pretty sure this stuff is public domain though!

No problemo my friend :)

Any south americans on this board?
We have a couple of South American members here...

Then I understand your anger!

German Ex-Rentals for sale-Horror/Eastern/Erotic
I love the top photo on the back-cover of Zombie Lake :)

Also I see for first time this German VHS of BAMBOO HOUSE OF DOLLS, nice cover!

New Registration Rules
Hard to beleive, I know, but I receive most spams from gmail. So future members with a @gmail.com e-mail must know this is blocked in our forum. In case you don't have another e-mail to use just communicate with me to uncblock it for a while so you could register! Thank you for your understanding...

I had twice the Dutch release but I sold them both as they were "new releases" and not ex-rentals. Quality was fair I'm afraid. I watched the movie years ago, not sure if it was uncut or not - in fact I'm nort sure about anything anymore B)

I also have the US release (big cardboard box intact) but I haven't watched it yet and I don't sell it. I will try to check it soon. It's available on ebay for $40 by a good seller if you like to get it...

Their new site looks better and has some rare titles too. I don't know about the quality. They don't charge for shipping but their prices are up. Of course you're right, they should delete titles that are officially released uncut.

80's Bollywood Horror Dvd
Yes, it's a very nice film!

About those "3 in 1" DVDS, they sell good so know they're out of stock in most stores...But have an eye on them for updates. These sell fast!

Super 8 - Mondo Cannibale
Lovely artwork :)

Please post more Super8 if you have any!

Unique German DVD releases (with English language)
Just placed the order! Thank you my friend :D

Unique German DVD releases (with English language)
Oct 2 2008, 08:41 PM
I found another one, and in my own collection no less :)
the Indonesian movie Satanic Crystals http://www.lfvw.com/satanic_crystals.htm
comes with an English dub. I haven't watched it yet (or know much about it other than that it looks like trashy fun and I have not seen it anywhere else) , but I think Jack might like it (if you do not already have it that is, Jack :))

Satanic Crystals (!!!) looks sold out in Luminous...Do you know where else I can buy it from? :unsure:

80's Bollywood Horror Dvd
They sell originals. I haven't ordered from them yet so i don't know about their service. HAR HAR MAHADEV is a nice fantasy/mythological film.

The best horrors from India are the Ramsay Brothers films from the 80s!
(but I should add I'm a big fan of the genre so i enjoy almost everything B) )

Nice photos there, Jack...

Oct 21 2008, 06:56 PM

Unfortunately, the DVDs won't be having a UK release. Not at this point anyway. The fees for submitting each film, trailer, featurette, commentary tracks, etc. to the BBFC for a certificate, while not prohibitive as such, is just too costly at this stage of the game for us.

Wayne, in fact I'm happy you'll avoid the BBFC cuts. This was an extra risk, don't you think? Or they don't do this anymore? :unsure:

Welcome to the forum, stevelongh :)