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Pre cert forum problem
They don't mention that they don't accept new members anymore. I guess your accounr must be manually activated by the admin but i don't really know why it's taking so long........

VHS sale
This means you sell seperate now?

Greek Hong Kong DVDs?
Seventh Curse is English subtitled. Hardboiled is in English.

Unidentified Hong Kong DVDs - Any help?
Oh yes, thanx, my mind plays tricks :)

Various tapes for sale
Which movie is that Japanese nun VHS?

ISOVIA (Sexy Thriller, 1988)

Posted Image

Unidentified Hong Kong DVDs - Any help?
Hey guys, any help with this DVD please? I'm not sure if it's a HK movie or Korean...

Posted Image

A big thanx to Member-X for a GREAT Japanese VHS !!

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My options are limited but I'll see what I can do..........