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Getting back on track
I hope you can now.....

Don't look in the Basement - VCI 1979 release
GREAT! :cheers:

Yes, I spoke with Julia on the phone yesterday. She told me Onar Films is about to close very soon and the site too.

However the blog is there to remind Bill:

We had a long conversation if I could buy all Bill's tapes and Onar DVDs...The truth is I have no money these days but the main thing is I feel no good to lay my hands on my friend's stuff...And even worse to make money from it.

I thought a lot about it and the best thing I could do is to dig into his tapes, find the really rare ones, let some of them to Julia (she told me she need to keep a few of his all time favourites just to remember him) and sell the others to the forum. Then I will give her the money with the Paypal receipts.

PMs not received

PMs not received
Feb 28 2012, 07:16 AM
That can be true, I have sent to both Cannibal Man and Cinehound without answer.

What PM do you mean? Please let me know. I think I answered............

PMs not received
PM works fine... B)

Tapes for sale
This is the first time I see the Turkish HOOK release :up:

Bill knew about these releases and he was feeling bad but he decided to go on with the releases as these Turkish ones were a bit hard to find back then and a couple of them were horrible expensive on ebay.

Of course I never mentioned them because I didn't wanna hurt his feelings as you said...

Does upscaling vcd's make sense?
I guess an older TV and a scart connection are better for VCDs...