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I suppose we went too far here from the HOW IT WORKS subject of this thread...But digging in my past e-mails I found that one from Antonio La Torre and I mention it because I found out in fact it was a polite letter...I don't want to be unfair with anybody, my memory about that was a bit wrong. He explains what's happening with this club, I suppose my bad memory was mainly because I didn't manage to do the swap...But as I said I don't want to be unfair with him!

Here's the part of his e-mail explaining about B-Cult:
"Personally I'm not interested to trade movies, but our trade-area is fully active with other B Cult members and many important collectors from the whole world. It at present can include 100 accounts only, but it'll be include 200 sooner. I can remember of you in that time. Please remember, B Cult is an Associazione Culturale no-profit (Film Society or Cineclub), and to be a member of our trade-area we needs some personal documents according with Italian cineclubs laws"

I'm sure it explains everything!

I can't speak Italian but these pages you gave us are paradise !! Thanx !!!
Plenty of covers and info on the mags. This VIDEOARCHEOLOGIA site looks great, I have visited the site before for a couple of minutes but I didn't understand then how useful it is...They even offer seperate catalogues with all the issues of each magazine and their fotoromanzo. WOW !! And of course there are several other sections on Italian VHS, I have to spend a lot of time to browse it :)

I suppose when they shot a film back then they had in mind also to sell it as a fotoromanzo, am I right? That's why we find into these fotoromanzos some scenes missing from the actual movie? If it's easy and not too complicated you could give us a brief summary of the story of these mags B)

Today I deleted another adult-sites promotion by a new member (his account is deleted too)...

SUCHCOOLSTUFF Mexican Lobby Cards
SUCHCOOLSTUFF is an ebay store located in USA and dedicated to original Mexican lobby cards. You can find there cheap LC for all genres: action, sexploitation, horror, superhero etc...Not only Mexican films but tons of European, US and even from other countries, even Greece & Japan!

You'll find tons of wonderful lobby cards for just $6.49
They ship worldwide and postage is logical especially if you combine items!

But even if you don't want to buy this is a very nice place to serf:

Hindi B&W gothic horror directed by Biren Naug in 1962
Cast: Biswajit, Waheeda Rehman, Manmohan Krishna, Asit Sen, Madan Puri

Kumar has just returned from London to his "Haveli" (his family mansion) and he faces several weird and creepy things into the house and around the nearby swamp. The whole town beleives the place is haunted by a female ghost seeking for revenge. It's the spirit of a young girl that his grandfather tried to rape many years ago causing her death. Kumar's family seems cursed and all the men of the family have been murdered by the ghost late at night around the swamp. But Kumar is a young and educated man and he doesn't beleive in supernatural. Maybe a human face is behind the murders? But why?

The film opens with the murder of his uncle - the last victim- near the swamp by a terrible hand with long black nails. Then Kumar arrives and finds in his mansion the last of the servants, a strange man who rather tries to terrorize him and his behaviour is very suspicious. A funny detective comes to stay in the mansion trying to solve the mystery and he's sure that the servant is in fact a dangerous criminal who escaped from jail five years ago!

There is also a doctor who spends his nights near the swamp, an almost cripple man who does the same and acts very strange, and a young beautiful girl that falls in love with Kumar and tries hard to help him...Because all people think Kumar will be the last victim!

The house at nights is a living nightmare: Doors open & close by itselves, strange sounds all around, a woman figure is crying and whispers to Kumar to leave the house immediately, another lady figure singing an eerie love song leads him to the swamp every night...only to see her disapear...But Kumar seems brave because in fact he beleives there's a human behind all these facts.

A Hindi gothic horror masterpiece that you should see! A great original story with a lot of plot twists between reality & supernatural, an excellent B&W photography (too many clear eerie night scenes), a superb direction, very nice acting, marvellous orchestral soundtrack, and a very clever solution of the mystery!

Of course the usual "song" scenes are here -nice songs- and I suppose many of you in the western world don't like them...Well, I beleive they're an original mark of Bollywood and I've learned to accept them even into action or horror films. They made them exotic, even if the happy love songs don't actually fix with the whole eerie atmosphere. There are songs & romance in the film but you cannot judge a Hindi film with the western standards!

As for the DVD is fullscreen, good quality print, with English subtitles, and no extras (but you know for me the movie is the most important thing...)

Highly recommended by Cinehound :)

Me too :(

You mean you have both the french hardcore versions? Are there any difference between them?

**************RED ROSE*************
OK, I'm almost 4 months late for my promise for the DVD cover, but better late than never :rolleyes:

RED ROSE was out in India by "T-Series" label (I think they mainly produce music discs) with English subtitles. I post the cover below...

HOTEL (1981) by Ramsay Brothers
In fact I have it on DVD with English subtitles (by "Ultra DVD", India) :)

BEST is a nice DVD shop in Monastirali (Athens) - Ag. Filippou 7

They have tons of DVDs, many of "New Star" and other exploitation labels, their prices are good (they also have 3 Euro offers!), they have also many cheap used discs...They have the DVDs in categories and they also stock some imports - especially some rarities from Spain. They also have an adult room with many Salieri titles for 10 euros. One of my favourite shops in Athens!

Temperature went to 47C yesterday and we had a lot of blackouts. Help !!

french guy
Jun 26 2007, 04:56 PM
Yes, this one was released in the 80's by Video Marketing on VHS.
"Les théatres érotiques de Paris" too.

Do you have it? Even on DVD-R?

HOTEL (1981) by Ramsay Brothers
I have the VCD but haven't seen it yet...your review makes me run for it tonight!

As for the "4-6 song-and-dance numbers and cringe-inducing 'comedy relief' that the film could have done well without ", I understand what you mean and why you don't like them...I can't say I like them myself either but these elements make these films unique and...Indian !!

Excellent review B)

REGAL FILMS, a US/Filipino label (and online store) dedicated to Filipino DVD releases, has released all 4 films of "MMFV 2006" on seperate DVDs. You can buy all four together for $49.99 or you could get them seperate (it is more expensive this way but you may don't want to buy them all...)

The 4 DVDs are:
SUPER NOYPI - $17.95
Superhero Adventure
Filipino language & English subtitles
Directed by Quark Henares
Cast: John Prats, Sandara Park, Katrina Halili, Polo Ravales
An official entry to the 2006 Metro Manila Film Festival
Official website: http://www.regalmultimedia.net/supernoypi/
SYNOPSIS: Six normal childhood friends bound together by friendship find themselves faced with a shocking revelation -- their parents are the legendary SUPER NOYPI, the most popular superheroes in the land! But now they are in danger taken hostage by the wicked super-villain Diego (Monsour del Rosario).
One by one, the six friends discover their super powers: moving objects using the mind, becoming invisible at will, having superhuman strength and speed, transforming into any shape imaginable, casting spells and controlling fire and ice.
With the help of a strong and spirited stranger from the future named Lia (Jennylyn Mercado) who claims that the world as we know it will cease to exist if they don't stop Diego now, Lorenzo (Mark Herras), Annys (Katrina Halili), Ynigo (John Prats), Euen (Polo Ravales), Michie (Sandara Park) and Tonton (Andrew Muhlach) stick together, taking a stand against evil in order to save the world and the people they love the most.

SHAKE RATTLE & ROLL 8 - $17.95
Horror Anthology
Filipino language & English subtitles
Directed by Rahyan Carlos (13th Floor), Toppel Lee (Yaya), Mike Tuviera (LRT)
Cast: Sheryl Cruz, Manilyn Reynes, Keempee de Leon, Iza Calzado
Awards/Winner: 3rd Best Picture, Best Child Performer – Nash Aguas, Graded "B" by the Cinema Evaluation Board of the Philippines
SPECIAL FEATURES: Regal’s 2006 Metro Manila Film Festival Special, Fantastic Four TVC, Behind the Scenes, Photo Gallery
1st Episode: 13/F
A group of party organizers find themselves called to arrange a children's party at the 13th floor of a new condominium. Notwithstanding superstition, they go on and give it at their best, but realized they got more than they bargained for when the party begins to take a different turn.
2nd Episode: YAYA
Benjo is a mischievous and naughty kid who loves to tell tall tales. He also loves to play pranks on his nannies, consequently sending them packing. With the birth of his baby sister, they had no choice but to get a new nanny. When Benjo discovers that the new nanny is a vampire, no one would believe him given his history of making up stories. It is now left to him to take care of his family and himself.
3rd Episode: LRT
Passengers on a train are on their way home after a long day, when their car suddenly stops and they find themselves abandoned and stranded in the train station. Soon after, a horrifying creature hell-bent on eating them gives them chase. And they are left with nowhere to run.

Superhero Comedy
Directed by Joel C. Lamangan
Cast: Zsa Zsa Padilla, Rustom Padilla, Pops Fernandez, Alfred Vargas
SYNOPSIS: After experiencing heartache, Adrian a.k.a. Ada (Rustom Padilla) – a conservative homosexual, leaves the city with his cousin Aruba (Pauleen Luna).
When a mysterious stone engraved with the words “Zaturnnah” falls from the sky one night, Ada gulps it down and he is magically transformed into Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah (Zsa Zsa Padilla), a super heroine with immense strength and extraordinary beauty.
In the pursuit of liberty, truth, justice and loads of excellent hair coloring, she fearlessly defends her newfound home from a giant frog, zombies running amuck and from the overbearing Amazonistas from Planet X led by man-hater Queen Femina (Pops Fernandez).
Based on characters from the cult classic graphic novel by the talented writer/art director Carlo Vergara, Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah Ze Moveeh is bound to make audiences laugh, cry, fall in love and ze enjoy every minute of it!

MANO PO 5: GUA AI DI - $16.95
Romance / Comedy
Directed by Joel Lamangan
Cast: Angel Locsin, Richard Gutierrez, Christian Bautista, Lorna Tolentino
SPECIAL FEATURES: English Subtitles, Trailers
OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://www.regalmultimedia.net/manopo5/
SYNOPSIS: A culinary romance set in Binondo, where Chinese traditions are still very much observed, Mano Po 5: Gua Ay Di is a touching story of how a young Chinese woman fights for the man she loves. She is doomed by strict family traditions to only wed someone of pure Chinese descent. But Charity (Angel Locsin) finds love where she was not supposed to find it… at least according to her cold-hearted mother.
Despite being met with resistance by her traditional Chinese family, most especially her mother, Charity continues her relationship with Nathan (Richard Gutierrez). Nathan, on the other hand, proves himself and his love to her by making an effort to learn about her background, culture and language resulting into various mishaps, sometimes comical and other times just plain disastrous.
Charity’s life becomes more complicated when her childhood sweetheart Timothy (Christian Bautista) returns home after a successful stint abroad as Asia’s Pop Idol Felix Yan. He still loves her and wants to make her his wife. But Nathan has already captured her heart.
In her confusion, Charity finds solace in the kitchen -- her cooking interwoven with the story of her ill-fated romance. Will true love prevail? And will she be able to come up with the perfect recipe for love?

You can buy them straight by REGAL HOME ENTERTAINMENT:

You could find a lot of other Filipino action, fantasy adventure, horror, sexy thriller VCDs & DVDs in their site at logical prices but I'm affraid the site works well only for USA & Canada...They ship internationally but ONLY through DHL so shipping costs a fortune! This is a weak point that REGAL FILMS should change soon to reach worldwide audience!

You lucky man !!

Greek summer is always sunny but usually not too hot (except some days late July...). But the weather goes crazy, this is the hottest June I can remember! Turkey also faces similar problems. And I watch on the news that there are bad storms in south Germany. Weird !!

I went to the Post Office this morning at 10.30 and it was like I was in the desert or something. All the public services today & tomorrow close at 12.00!

Upcoming Horror Film "SHROOMS"
Welcome to the forum, goodgem :)

I wish the best for SHROOMS, it sounds interesting !!

Tonight I have for auction Godfrey Ho's NINJA DEMON'S MASSACRE, I really don't know if it's so good as it sounds. I saw a couple of scenes and were interesting, but we'll see...A guy in IMDb writes it's a bad film, but I never trust the critics there, and I advise you to do the same :)

Athens -and whole Greece- is hotter than hell these days. Tomorrow will be the worst day with 44C degrees :blink:
Air-condition is my best friend...

Days like these I wish I were in Scandinavia !!

Well, folks, Contest #11. You know the rules, you could read them again in HOW IT WORKS topic. If any questions about the rules please let me know.

Contest #11 offers a Mexican Horror DVD !!
Mexican B&W horror directed by Rafael Baledón in 1963
Cast: Rosa Arenas, Abel Salazar, Rita Macedo, Enrique Lucero
IMDb info: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0055128/
Brand-New (not sealed) DVD
Label: Telefilms International (USA)

DVD Features:
-All Region, NTSC
-English Language
No extras

A rather cheap gift, I know, but I didn't managed to think something else. I promise for a more expensive one next time...But the film is very enjoyable!

There isn't any question as you know! The only rule is that if you win the contest you promise you'll post a review for this film in the forum (even if you don't like the movie).

Just PM me or E-MAIL me throught the forum to confirm your participation in the contest and to promise the review.

Contest #11 closes on Sunday. Then I'll announce the winner and I'll open the next contest with another free gift!

For each participation e-mail I usually send a confirmation reply - but maybe after a few hours, OK?

Jun 25 2007, 06:03 AM
So, Miltos...now that you have a 35mm print, plus artworks, are you planning to release the film on dvd or something?

No, my friend...First of all my 35mm prints have Greek subtitles. But also I don't want to make a DVD label. To be honest this was never in my mind. It came into my head for a while when my friend Bill created Onar Films but left very quickly when I saw the problems he face. I know a label was his dream so he was ready to suffer for his dream, but I've never dreamed about it.

What I always wanted to do is to publish a fanzine in English. Well, my poor English was the main problem, you know. But now with my Cinehound site & forum I do something similar online :)

Another dream of mine is to buy a few nice films on 35mm. It was difficult to find them in good shape and they were too expensive for me. As I wrote in another thread I was ready to buy a couple of films from an old guy who had a theater...but he died! By the way I found his wife and I may buy some films from her next year (I'll talk about it in another thread - I was with Bill trying to find if that guy, Mr Elias, was...really dead :o ...because we weren't sure)

So this dream became reality and now I have some original films in my hands. Of course I have no right to project them, I can keep them as a collector for private use. Well, a good idea could be a festival or something with them...Bill and I had plans to open a theater for exploitation movies sometime!