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Of course I'll do that my friend, it's my pleasure.

Please give me a few days to make it and I'll send it by e-mail.

If you like I'll send 2-3 photos to choose one for the article.


A great site to find a DVD RECORDER like that is the WORLD IMPORT. They have logical prices ang quality machines.

There I see that PIONEER DVR-320s models suit you.

The URL below:

Waynon, pleaaase, do you know any online shop that sells those Pakistani films on VCD or VHS (even without subtitles)? :o


But did you ever shop something from them?

They have a lot cheap hindi horror VCDs (many of them are in their Adult section)
but when I tried to make an order paying by Paypal their system didn't work
right and I deleted it...After a couple of days they did help me with an e-mail
and I made the order but I received nothing.
I sent them MANY e-mails for my order status without any answer at all.
At the end I filled a Paypal complaint...They returned the payment IMMEDIATELY
with a note saying that they didn't procceed my order because "some items where
out of stock".
Well, they have a great catalogue, they'll not rip you off, but their service to me
was not good...maybe I was unlucky, I don't know. For sure I'll try another order
-they have so cheap prices- and then I'll have a more clear opinion about them.
Because sometimes a bad experience with a store is just a matter of luck.

I love mondo macabro kind films and I would like to support local shops indeed !!

Off-topic but nice...

Yes, I often remember those magic times into the dirty theaters...

And when I say dirty I mean it. Cheap cinemas, bad sound,
smoke, dirty old men...

Those incredible posters & lobby cards outside
(any sexy or zombie flick was...A JOE D'AMATO FILM
for the distributors!)

I was young then and knew nothing about directors & actors
and for me was a gate to another planet!

Also I sign you opinion about B-BRAIN. But I feel rather sad
as I feel that shops like this one have no luck in Athens...
I guess most people here run after free or cheap copies,
downloads & projections and avoid to spend much money
for their collection...or the truth is that they haven't money
to spend? I don't want to be cruel with nobody...

I'll send it by e-mail tomorrow because I have to scan it first...

We could do a swap with something... :rolleyes:

I've collect them all but I never saw any...
I just had a pee in the picture and the quality is better on most of them.

They're softcore Italian films of the 80s mainly (some look like cut XXX movies)
but they also released an old sci-fi flick and a Franco/Ciccio.

I don't remember titles man, I'm terribly sorry, but I'll dig up my collection
someday...let's hope before Apocalypse!

So reviews of them soon...

I'm sorry Jared but I managed to watch your clips just today.

These Pakistani films looks crazy. Do you think Mondo Macabro will ever release them?

All of you lunatics out there must go and watch ALL Worldweird Cinema clips...
the one is better than the other...GREAT STUFF !!

The link again:

Thanx Jared and please continue the good job !!

O EPISKEPTIS (VHS, "Gvip", Greece)

Greek softcore sexploitation!

Directed by Yiorgos Michaelidis in 1973.

Starring Minas Christidis, Maria Marmarinou, Christos Kalavrouzos.

Scenario/Copyright: Dinos Katsouridis

One of the most hard-to-find greek ex-rental VHS of the early 80s is this one here.
Leandros and Maria are a rich maried couple with a rather common & boring life.
The coming of a visitor in their house will turn them upside down (Greek title O EPISKEPTIS means THE VISITOR). He's the fiance of Maria's sister, a young, tall, handsome guy who just finished off his army duty. A guy with primitive matters, a village boy, a threat for their aristocratic & "moral" life.
But soon Maria, the beautiful & sensuous 40 plus housewife (Maria Marmarinou rules!) falls in the trap of his primitive beauty (the dark valley of libido...).
So the secret sexual activities begin to take place behind poor husband's back.

A rather slow film that try hard to look "arty". But it's a sexploitation alright with many sleazy scenes (not too hard) and a very violent, bloody & tragic end !!

By the way, director Yiorgos Michaelidis shot some TV serials in 80s & 90s...
and I don't know any other interesting flick by him.

PLAY MOTEL (DVD, "Europrovoli", Greece)

Italian sleazy giallo!

Directed by Mario Gariazzo in 1979.

Starring Anthony Steffen, Ray Lovelock, Anna Maria Rizzoli, Marina Frajese (Hedman/Lotar), Mario Cutini, Antonella Antinori

A motel with a secret playroom for sick & extreme sexual games...
A photographer taking pictures to blackmail the rich people involved...
A dark shadow with black gloves (I guess there isn't any giallo without a pair of them, eh?) who butchers the nasty ladies...
A weird giallo/thriller with plenty of sleaze, but not so strong or bloody as I expected...and with a really poor & simple plot too.
The rock score & title song just can't fix with a giallo flick, and the continious repeat of that rock song makes things even worse.
I know there's a hardcore version of the film, I don't know if that makes things better, but here's the softcore version.

As far as I know this film hasn't any other DVD relese worldwide (even in Italy!)
so I suppose that makes it a collector's item.

This DVD here is obviously made by a VHS source, so picture & sound quality
are poor like a VHS. There aren't any important extras on the disc (except some irrespective of films ads...for a cosmetics store/factory run by the label's boss!)

The same label (located somewhere in north Athens) has released some Italian
softcore films of the 90s - rights taken by Minerva Group - with better quality. Reviews of them soon !!

Leon DVD & Video (Europrovoli)
Region 0, PAL
Dolby stereo sound
Fullscreen (4:3)
Disc Type: DVD-5
Language: Italian
Subtitles (on/off): Greek
Extras: Filmography, Slideshow

Great news !!

Greek independent director/writer/cinematographer/producer Fokion Bogris
has started a new film. Scenario is ready and he shot a few scenes already,
but stopped in August as he faced a few troubles.

I talked with him about the film, it will be a pure exploitation, much different
than his other two features, with a sick vigillante plot, sleaze, a brutal rape,
and tons of gore !!

I read the very first script version, looks extraodinaire...

I wish difficulties won't stop him and he'll manage to release it, it will be his best effort so far, I'm positive about that.

The title on the scenario I got in my dirty hands was BATSOS GEMATOS MISOS
but it's just a working title...

You could visit his webpage to watch clips from his work and if you like please support & help him with his new plan:

Well, let's welcome the new Greek Exploitation Cinema forum!

A forum dedicated to:
Omiros Efstratiadis, Ilias Milonakos, Kostas Doukas,
Apostolos Souglakos, Kostas Gousgounis, Magda Makri, Zeta Apostolou,
Anna Fonsou, Gisela Dali, Nasos Spiris - Berto, Tina Spathi, Katerina
Spathi, Telis Stallone, Christos Nomikos, Samantha Romanou, Maria Vasiliou,
Lakis Komninos, Kostas Karagiorgis, Dakosta Karayan, Harris Trifonas,
Nikos Tsachiridis, Pavlos Parashakis, Andreas Katsimitsoulias, Natasha O'Fray,
Jessica Dublin, Ajita Wilson, Nikos Verlekis, Toula Spineli, Kosta Stefanakis,
Anestis Vlahos, Fokion Bogris...
and a lot more cult personas of the Greek screen.

Films like: To Nisi tis Amartias, To Milo tou Satana, Anomalo Fortio, Koritsia me Vromika Heria, Lesviakos Avgoustos, Diestrameni apo ti Genna tous, Zo gia ton Erota, Kinigimeni Erastes, etc...

Cinehound is a new forum so we try hard to find our way...the best way.

Yesterday I visited some great forums like Mobius and Pre-Cert...
I wish this baby here grows like that.

I wish...but even not, it's my baby, right?
I have to love it and continiue with care.

By the way, I wish to thank all members for your support.
Hey guys out there, we need topics here !!

Take care, Miltos the cinehound

Well, yes, I decided to join CUNEYT ARKIN FILMS and TURKISH EXPLOITATION CINEMA forums together as one forum.

I think is better and more simple this way.

Because Cuneyt Arkin is in fact one of the best parts of Turkish exploitation.


Well, I hope this forum will work well as a trade center...
I wish that anyway.

But obviously I cannot be held responsible for your trades through The Cinehound Forum. I hope all members are nice people and collectors,
but it's your risk actually.

Even if I recommend someone - or a site at any place of the forum -
I'm not responsible for their service.

OK, I know it sounds very common & boring...
But I want to avoid any misunderstandings, I hate that!

Cheers, Miltos the cinehound


Italian peplum / sword & sandal gem.

Directed by Ferdinando Baldi (as "Ferdy Baldwin") in 1967.

An Italo-German production

Starring Cameron Mitchell ("Aulus"), Hans Von Borsody ("Arminius"),
Antonella Lualdi, Beba Loncar, Reno De Angelis

Epic score by Carlo Savina.

About the movie:
Here we have an Italian peplum gem, nice photographed, with good acting,
well-directed violent battles and a good plot.
Most of the movie is set in the winter on high mountains covered by snow.
Even the Romans wear pants instead of skirts!
Arminius is a young German warrior who joins up the Roman army and stays there for ten years. Now it's time to become a Roman...But when a Roman politician cries loud that he's always a stranger and a barbarian he leaves very angry and full of hate for Rome.
Even his best friend Aulus don't manage to change his mind and stop him.
He returns to German land and manages to make the Teutonic tribes leaders
join forces for a revolution against Rome. Well, I think plot here looks rather
simple & silly: A man fights for Rome for ten years and suddenly becomes Rome's
worst enemy just because someone called him barbarian!
Anyway, German rebels set a trap to Varo's legions into a dark forest around a foggy swamp. Whole place looks like haunted or something. They throw fired arrows and kill all Romans. Varo commits suice by...japanese harakiri (!!)
When Aulus is sent by the Emperor to see what happened there he finds only skulls & skeletons on crosses. Then a rebel whips him hard on his face leaving deep long bloody scars (very cruel & violent scene!). From now on Cameron Mitchell plays with scars on his face...
Aulus finally set also a trap to Arminius and after a long violent fight Romans beat
the rebels.
By the way, film has a happy end: Aulus leaves his friend Arminius to go free
with his fiance...but this looks strange to me, what will he tell to the Emperor
back in Rome about this?
Well, I guess most peplums have mistakes like that, the film is really enjoyable
and highly recommended!

About the DVD:
"Tivo" is a greek weekly TV magazine. With every issue they offer a Cinecitta peplum film (a dual disc actually with a greek drama on the other side).
The DVDs come in carboard CD cases with nice covers. Quality is usually good,
they are in Italian language only with very small but non-removable Greek subtitles. The DVD label is "Modern Times" and they'll release 40 peplums!
(rights bought from Minerva Group). This is No 22.
Later I'll list a catalogue with all these releases (and more reviews).
I don't really know if they're going to release the DVDs in a formal way with extras etc...but I hope so!
This one here is a beautiful widescreen print !!

MAUT (VCD, "Friends" label, India)

Directed by Kanti Shah.

A stepfather finds his wife's daughter making love with a young man and becomes very angry. Later the girl tries to seduce him in the bathroom, so he decides to talk to his wife about all this. But the girl continues to piss him off and he finally kills her with a gun. Then the house is haunted by her evil spirit. She's an ugly ghost with a monster head and she sticks her long nails into her victims' neck.
For a strange reason she kills women only (!!)

A lot of blood here! In a scene a victim even spits her blood to the camera!
An exorcist holding a skull is after our ghost.
The film has a very scary beginning...The horror comes from the first seconds actually. Great scary atmosphere & soundtrack, in most of the film it's raining
- really scary storms.

Later the evil ghost takes the body of one of her victims. In the middle of the film a group of young boys & girls arrive at the house from a party and she starts to kill them one by one.

The special f/x are rather cheap (the monster's head is clearly a mask) but they manage to look horrific indeed. Also the movie is sleazy enough (without any nudity in fact).

There is an excellent scene in a cemetery where the monster nails a huge cross on the breast of a lady. Also the final battle is really extraodinaire, the monster/ghost
beats up a poor policeman!

Well, very enjoyable film indeed !!

The VCD was in hindi without any subtitles (it seems that only the DVDs from India
have English subtitles), but I don't think I missed the plot really...

Oh, I forgot another great Egyptian horror movie:
THE AMBASSADOR OF HELL (1945) -short review in IMDb-

Soon I'll post a review here about TARZAN IN EGYPT, a b/w egyptian Tarzan of the 50s.

If anyone out there know more about Egyptian exploitation you're welcome !!

I really don't know much about Eguptian exploitation too...

I know Ismail Yassine were in several horror comedies in the 50s.

THIRSTY FOR RED BLOOD of course, that women's revenge flick with the socking pre-credits scene (I'm glad you like it).

Most Egyptian VHS I've seen around (in some old greek videoclubs) are dramas & comedies.

I'm desperate for the film: THE LADY OF THE BLACK MOONS (1971).
It has been released on DVD with English subtitles by an arabic label (I think Founoon), I found it on an online store but foolishly I didn't bought it at once...
and later the store closed (well,under construction...)

THE LADY OF THE BLACK MOONS is an erotic horror film with a witch...you could find a review at IMDb. Looks super !!

Oh, you also ask where I get my stuff...Well, from local videoclubs, from shopping on the net or from swaps.

I'm going to create a Swap Center online with my whole movie collection. A site ONLY for swaps actually. Well, free time is my mainly problem (as for everybody).

Hi Marcus !

I hope you'll not leave for Australia before the book...I'll go and watch both these you mention.

I have too many Turkish erotica VCDs (soft or not) so we could do a future swap.
I got them by swaps with a Turkish friend.

But please send me any Turkish store that you have (the URLs), they could be much useful to me.

And I need reviews here if you like !!


Oh, I forgot...Yes, I'm sorry but it looks that THE CRYPT DVD SHOP has closed for good.

I never made my shopping there actually but I suppose it's not a good thing when cult shops close.

Their prices were high, today most people shop from the internet and find better prices there...I'm very angry with most Greek DVD shops in Athens, their prices suck !!!

A good choice is B-BRAIN I suppose...They have good stuff and low prices usually.