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Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday, Nocturna :cheers:

Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday, Takima :cheers:

Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday, Mr. Operazione Bianchi :cheers:

2 classics on marktplaats
Are these so rare? :unsure:

Looking for Spaghetti Westerns on LaserDisc
I have a few and I can give them cheap but I have to check first....I let you know very soon :hello!:
Only postage is a big high as these things are heavy and I must pack them well......

Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday Mr anthonyCSR :cheers:

Wanted Dutch Sunrise Tapes
Done! No worries :)

Happy Birthday!
And happy birthday to Mr. horrorC.K. :cheers: :tapelove:

Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday, Jared :cheers: :hello!:

WANT: Northwing (Gre) - Mythology CD
You could find it for 13 euros back then in the label's shop. But it sold out very fast because it's a masterpiece that hadn't another CD release. I know small independent labels release very limited, even at 100 pieces but these are titles with no interest....I don't mean bad as there are many gems there but still without any interest.

But I agree that some guys out there bought a lot of them just to sell them overpriced later....because they knew it was a special release, this is my point.

But even if a guy who doesn't really know its value put it on auction on ebay for let's say $4 starting price the bidders will get it very higher you know. It has its value!

Introducing Yourself !
Yes, especially YOU :hi:


Atini Seven Kovboy video Review
Tom, I really love your reviews :up:
Especially as they're about movies I ignore!

Introducing Yourself !
New members please introduce yourself here......Thanx :hello!:

WANT: Northwing (Gre) - Mythology CD
Hm, I think I understand what you mean...........

However you cannot wait to pay a low price as a "new CD" for a limited release of 500 copies only that is out of print a long time ago. A reasonable price, OK, I agree, but so low as a new CD.........Well, it's my opinion anyway.

Only if you search in flea markets. You can find treasures there for nothing....if you're lucky :hello!:

This guy sells some Croatian & Yugoslavian VHS. Well, expensive I guess, but that House of Exorcism is lovely, don't you think?

Happy Birthday!
Yep, it's me on the back :rolleyes:

Happy Birthday!
Thank you guys! I had my birthday on the Rhodes island. Hm, 48....I try to be calm :hello!: