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Turkish Nazisploitation?
Here's the Greek VHS of DUSMAN B)

Turkish Nazisploitation?
...But it has the best artwork :D :D :D

Introducing Yourself !
Welcome on board, 020Nick :D

Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday, raculfright_13 :D

I'm selling out! Lots of mega-raritys on ebay
Hm, I know a couple of Swiss collectors from ebay. With that incredible price I think I know who he is :D

Well, at least these rarities didn't went out for nothing. Congratulations, Lars !!

Goblins big 155 tape score!!!!!!!!!
Tapes seem Aussie to me... :unsure:

Introducing Yourself !
Welcome to the forum, Cteve :D

KOREAN EDITION Cannibal Holocaust VHS
When these VHS released in Korea? I mean the decade...

Introducing Yourself !
Welcome on board :D

Happy Birthday!
My best wishes, thechooper :D

Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday, Miseria :D

CATHARSIS - Avant Premiere !!!
In fact Bogris is the lucky man :D

I'll talk more about the film probably tonight...

CATHARSIS - Avant Premiere !!!
:D :D :D

Anyway, we went there yesterday evening with Bill. Director Fokion Bogris was there too along with many of the actors. Tina Spathi was there too !!

A superb film, Bogris' best effort so far! But let me talk about it tomorrow,with a review!

How old are you?
By the way, it's a very good thread you started, Metalian B)

How old are you?
44 :ph43r:

I like to think age doesn't matters but I remember I had other theories at my 20s... :(

Anyway, I hate bad thoughts, I collect VHS and fanzines from 1987. My record collection started much earlier.

My first priority now is to organize my collection much better. Space is my main problem!
(I mean...where to put my tapes and all other stuff...not the aliens :D :D :D )

Some nice Greek VHS auctions end tonight on ebay :D

CATHARSIS - Avant Premiere !!!
The link doesn't work...

Yes, right! I take it back then :lol:

A very rare tape even if without the "classic" IVC cover style...

The seller - a member here - has a lot of rare tapes as "but it now" but you can still make offers.

Well, lucky winner is: thechooper !!

Congratulations :D

Please PM me your postal address to send the DVD...

Contest closed! Winner announcement in a few minutes....