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New titles added this week...ending tomorrow. And much more to come :D

Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday, thechooper :cheers:

Christmas Sale: Pinky Violence, Hideo Gosha etc.
What's happening with these DVDs? They come & go like flash. Do you sell them quickly? Or do you change your mind? :D

unavailable until the 30th. Going to North Korea
Welcome back, Mike! Did you have a nice trip? :hello!:

this forum is so messed up...
Hm, I guess when you offer a site or a forum or anything you must try hard to give the best. It's just that I cannot fix it here, I must make a further step to another server. I've made several tests and I hope we move soon...for the better B)

Don't feel bad for mentioning it, other members have mentioned it too, I will provide better things soon I hope :hello!:

this forum is so messed up...
Now, seriously, these functions don't work for a long time :(
I cannot do anything, I only can move to another server and I'm thinking about it...

However, OK for the Search Engine, but the New Posts is completely useless if you ask me, you can easily check all new posts as they all have been marked as "new post"...

this forum is so messed up...
:silence!Ikillyou!: Gringo!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday , Nocturna :cheers: