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En kvinde kaldet Jack med hår på brystet
Pizza Connection (1985) aka Sicilain Connection / Damiano Damiani - Greek vhs
Screamtime (1986) Danish ex rental
Secrets of a Call Girl 1973 / Edwige Fenech & Richard Conte / Dk tape

Argentina VHS for sale
Oct 31 2011, 08:58 AM
isnt $50 a bit overpriced?

No, no! :o
Damn collectable tapes. :wub:

Introducing Yourself !
Velkommen til forummet Markus, føl dig hjemme. :hello!:

En kvinde kaldet Jack med hår på brystet
Lion's Share (1973) Giallo Mystery / Finnish ex rental

Lone Runner (1986) Ruggero Deodato / Miles O'Keeffe / Danish tape

GIALLO: de Martino´s ´scenes from a murder
The Killer is on the Phone is a more common name for it. :hello!:

troma movies
Search uk ebay, there should be a lot of uk releases.

I sent a card in an envelope to you (Miltos), but be advised that my handwriting is terrible. "oops!:

Introducing Yourself !
Oct 26 2011, 12:59 PM
Greetings from Sweden!

been a sitebrowser for quite some time, and i keep on getting to this site when i google different movies so thought i may aswell register

There's a lot of cinema that i do enjoy really, favorite things would be the italian genre cinema (mainly giallo but into the other genres aswell) aswell as surreal films. Anything between trash and fine art, but mostly the unconventional.

Favorite director, if i have to choose, is Lucio Fulci and favorite film Noisy Requiem

Välkommen grabben! :hello!:

Belgian 2019 - After the Fall of New York
I believe VDS is Belgian. Lovely ws ~1:78:1 and uncut. :wub:

En kvinde kaldet Jack med hår på brystet
Flic ou voyou (1979) / Cop or Hood / Jean-Paul Belmondo / Danish ex

En kvinde kaldet Jack med hår på brystet
La legge dei gangsters / Ganster's Law / Klaus Kinski & Maurice Poli / Greek ex

Posted Image

Lovely, but watch out with Photobucket, they tend to be "tittyphobics". :)

En kvinde kaldet Jack med hår på brystet
Rage - Fuoco incrociato 1984 / Italian commando/ post apocalyptic

En kvinde kaldet Jack med hår på brystet
The Big Racket 1976 Danish ex rental

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The Gun / Pasquale Squitieri / Widescreen

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Introducing Yourself !
Jack J
Oct 23 2011, 06:27 AM
Another Maniac!  :lol:  Hey there, Jon.


Yeah, welcome Jon. You'll fit right in here with me and Jack. :lol:

Introducing Yourself !
Welcome Mysticnitekatt. :hello!:

En kvinde kaldet Jack med hår på brystet
2019 After the Fall of New York / Belgian ex rental VDS

New to site
Welcome Phil. :hello!:

Introducing Yourself !
Jack J
Oct 19 2011, 03:13 PM
Welcome to Cinehound, Chilly Bong. Horror and HK films? You'll fit right in here.  :hello!:

Jack had a fit when he joinen cinehound, so he fit right in. :lol:

Introducing Yourself !
chilly bong
Oct 18 2011, 11:17 PM

Lurked around here for a while now but the Asian and Laserdisc forums really piqued my interest.
I'm into HK cinema, martial arts movies, 80s horror etc......

Ming mang mong, welcome. :hello!: