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Help me identify this asian fantasy flick
What's the name of the singer?

Asian DVD/VCD stores & sites
Amornmovie is a shop that's been around a while, but I can't remember if I ordered from their shop once a long long time ago.

Pekka and Pätkä
I doubt there's a dvd release of Körkarlen (1958). I wonder if it was ever released on tape in Sweden. Obscure and forgotten to say the least.

Here's a picture of how Jack felt. :lol:

Jack J
Dec 14 2012, 11:01 AM
I received a box of tapes from Member-X today.  :blink:

Posted Image

Kurt, why can't you just send boxes like everyone else. Posted Image

What do you mean? I didn' send you anything. Your box is still here. :blink:

Introducing Yourself !
Dec 7 2012, 11:46 PM
my Name ist Stefan and I am from germany. I like to collect old Tapes,and see the Colection from other People from all over the World.

I found this HP about the Toppic in a German Video/ DVD Collector/Seller Forum.

Sorry for my terrible Englisch.

Have a nice day and greetings from germany

Welcome S! :hello!:

Pekka and Pätkä
There's a mermaid that they find in "Pekka ja Pätkä sammakkomiehinä" (Pekka ja Pätkä as frogmen). They even take her home and put her in the the bathtub.

The most politically incorrect one is probably "Pekka ja Pätkä neekereinä". It translates to Pekka and Pätkä as negroes/niggers. A film that probably wouldn't be made today.

On the top of my head I remember that there was a genie in "Pekka ja Pätkä Suezilla"

Pekka ja Pätkä puistotäteinä (As playground supervisors) is a gender bender as they dressed up as women in order to work as playground supervisors. A Finnish "Some Like It Hot" if you will. The last old school "Pekka & Pätkä" movie.

They tried reheating P & P franchise in the 80's (with new actors) which included a couple of new movies and a tv-serie. All three directed by trash maestro Visa Mäkinen. I honestly can't say I remember anything about the new P & P movies or the tv-serie.

On a side note... There was a movie under the development a few years ago called "Pekka ja Pätkä levottomina". Roughly translated: "Restless Pekka ja Pätkä. It's was suppose to be a movie about homophobia told in a Finnish/folksy way.

I'm assuming that he title "Pekka ja Pätkä levottomina" plays with the title of a Finnish erotic drama called Levottomat ("The Restless").
I wonder what became of that one, haven't heard about it since.

In the 90's Finnish comedian Pirkka-Pekka Petelius made a sketch in which he was parodizing a Finnish movie critic. In that sketch he talked about a movie called "Pekka ja Pätkä homoina" that roughly translates to "Pekka & Pätkä as Gay/go Gay". A movie that nobody else but the negative cutter had seen. :lol:

When tapes go GRRR in the night
Inspector Tanzi
Dec 8 2012, 08:41 PM
cannibal man
Oct 27 2012, 02:49 PM
sorruy to hear thast jack.

hope u did not chuck the tape.

Didn't even read the post properly did you Forrest.

He said that he fixed it, why would he chuck it away?

You're posts are getting worse all over the place.

For instance you posted this on a Burt Reynolds thread:

i think burt was in the wild bunch on warner alogside clint eastwood.
it almost seems lijke a comedy western.
after all burt did lots of comedies.

HA HA HA! :lol: I love you Forrest! :lol:

Wanter Italian 4 or 2F and Asian posters
I'm also looking for the following Asian posters:

A Bittersweet Life/Dalkomhan insaeng (2005)
Grave of fireflies/Hotaru no haka (1988)
Arang (2006)
Noroi (The Curse) (2005)

Size preferably A1 (or close to) or bigger. Country of origin is that important as long as the artwork is cool. If you have something that might fit the bill let me know (by pm).

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Where to shop for Asian posters
Nov 30 2012, 12:30 AM
I have a rare German poster of Uzumaki that was given to me by the director himself when I met him in Tokyo a few years ago  :D  But I'm keeping that one!

I'll check for your Korean ones.

And you don't even like the movie? :lol:

Lucker The Necrophagous
You must have a reserve on this tape, right? :o

Wanter Italian 4 or 2F and Asian posters
I'm looking for Italian 4 or 2F posters: I'l sesso della strega, Quella villa in fondo al parco (Rat man), Spasmo and House by the Cemetery.

If you have anything for a reasonable price, pm me.