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Update Compańeros! Penitentiary 1-3 and Fugitive Girls aka Five Loose Women.

"Stop CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST remake" Petition
Mar 28 2007, 06:58 PM
Hey I didn't suggest that anybody should make a speculative film about the events in Bergen-Belsen. I was just pointing out the facts.

Making such a film would be offensive on the level of... (1 minute thinking-pause) ...starting up a nazi uniform shop on the main street of Tel Aviv, Israel.
People like that wouldn't come out of it alive, and shouldn't either.

It was my idea. :P

And it wouldn't be anymore offensive that Love camp 5 etc. If we start to trouble ourselves with what's offending while we plan a movie we can can just leave it and forget about it this very instant. No matter what we make someone will always be offended. Hell, even if we only showed a blank screen somebody would get offended.

Forget about politics, religion etc and just make movies. Preferably sleazy and gory trash.


Don't forget Mattei's Terminator II. It's just unique..

I recommend Andras.
Sold some very nice stuff.

"Stop CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST remake" Petition
Mar 26 2007, 01:02 PM
The REAL cannibal holocaust happened in Nazi Germany in the last four weeks of the Third Reich in the consentration camp Bergen-Belsen. SS ran out of food, and didn't bother to re-stock, wanting the remaining prisoners to starve to death. The 55.000 who survived the war, ate EVERYTHING the found. Dirt, plants, grass, soil, shit, small trees and human flesh from some of the 30.000 unburied copses there. In this final stage of holocaust cannibalism was widespread, even thou the allied tried to cover up. Some of the british soldiers who liberated the camp became insane because of what they saw. I've not heard of cannibalism from Auschwitz or any of the other camps, thou.

Don't see why a new Cannibal holocaust has to be made. A new Cannibal holocaust movie is like trying to describe light to a blind man. It can be done, but..
This concentration camp Bergen-Belsen -theme would make an interesting movie. For example that is.
There is a billion atrocities through out the history that could be used as story.
That's if nobody comes up with the strange and revolutionizing idea of writing a totally new story! :lol:

Mar 23 2007, 11:37 AM
Hm, when I watch an interesting film I post a review...and I often have a desire for little rarities from strange countries lately.
I got it on DVD-R from Wayne and if you like we can trade  :)

A Yugoslavian seller had it on auction recently (with Serbian text only) but it seems auction ended...If I see it again I'll give the URL.

Dvd-r or vhs? I take it wasn't an original release?

Mar 22 2007, 03:51 PM
I'm almost sure that the film I'm looking for is IL PAVONE NERO (1974), a sexy voodoo flick with Karin Schubert. If anyone has it for sell/trade in any format please let me know...or if you know where I could find it.
I saw some stills and I beleive this is the movie I talk you about in this topic...not a version of ORGASMO NERO as I was thinking but an older similar film:P

Italian movies had it for sale. Maybe he could find you another copy. (Though I'm afraid the tape is only in italian.)

Mar 17 2007, 09:39 PM
Yugoslavian vampire horror film
Directed by Djordje Kadijevic in 1973
Cast: Mirjana Nikolic, Petar Bozovic , Slobodan Perovic, Vasja Stankovic

Highly recommended by Cinehound :lol:

You always recommend movies that can't be found anywhere. :lol:
But seriously, what version did you watch? Tape, 35mm or some other format?
Would be nice if you could mention the (possible) release(s) of each movie you review.

Even if it's only been released as one v2000 tape on the Bonga Bonga Islands in 1988. (And even that tape was swallowed by a shark in 1991.) :)

Go here for my wanted list.

I'll be adding more as I go through my collection.

The Baby of Mācon (1993) R0 Pal dvd

Don't Play with Fire Greek tape

Walls (1984) Prison flick, Finnish ex-rental tape

Uk Pre certs:

Amityville 3
Angel city
Go hog wild
High ice
Blind date

Not sure about this one: It's called murder baby


Raid on Caesars
Vice Academy (Linnea Quigley)
Union city

Respond here in this topic or pm, e-mail, with an ouija board, telepathy or whatever you prefer, thank you. :lol:

You know what I miss? A "mark all topics as read and return to board index" -button. :)

THE DEVILS...a petition to Warner
Signed it. But there is only 430 so far, this campaign needs more publicity.

Try to advertise it on Elitisti. A Finnish movie fanatics board.
Another one, Dvdhohto.
And a Swedish movie board called Filmsamling.se.
English movie board caller Pre cert. For Pre cert tape collectors. :)

Mar 12 2007, 08:02 PM
Is this film on dvd elsewhere or is this the only release?

The only legal dvd version there is. And it's also uncut and ws. There is tons of illegal bootlegs but the Parc dvd I sell is the real dvd.

The Rise and fall of Idi Amin dvd is very, very rare. But like our master & commander Cinehound said, it's almost impossible to sell something if you ain't "the right" person.

Btw, Idi Amin kept human heads in his refrigerator! :lol:

I have another rare item. A dvd, The rise and fall of Idi Amin.
And at a very low starting price. Only legit pal release there is.

That's the best section! :D
I have only been a member for a few weeks but I've already done a swap and more to come.

Where did you buy the vcd/dvd? Sounds like a movie for me. Bad trash with a lot of supernatural stuff.

Here is a couple:

Bad Dreams Cbs/Fox
The uk tape is cut.

Night of the Demons Videosonic
The unrated version? Same as parc?

A 2-3 euros each? :blink:

Could we have a clickable strikethrough button?

And how about the possibility to post images for advanced/older members?
Let's say you have to be a member atleast a year or/and have a minimum of 100 posts or something similar.


How about suggestions about what to review?

Don Dohler's horrifying scifi quadrilogy incl. The Alien Factor -78, Nightbeast -82, The Galaxy Invader -85 and Alien Factor 2: The Alien Rampage.

It takes guts to watch that crap. :P

Update! B)
Jess Franco's Amazon Golden Temple anyone?

And a bunch of giallos.

Any WIP among those? Nunsplotation?

Mar 2 2007, 12:10 PM
Mar 2 2007, 11:19 AM
I guess my masterplan of getting collectors from all over the world together is working!

All the fun is in organizing collector fights. Drop one champion from each continent into a huge greek video store that is unloading its stock for one euro a piece and see what happens and who comes out.

Not to mention the happy store owner. Let's say that he/she gets tapes sold for a few hunred and a trashed store that's gonna cost a few thousand to fix. :lol:

Mar 1 2007, 08:15 PM
By the way, where are you from?
I guess you're from Germany, right?

In the beginning I thought you're Greek...because "andras" in Greek means "man" :)

And "andras" means "others" in Swedish. Like in others money. :)