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new fanzine PUFFY
Javisst. :up:

VCR cleaning?
Exactly, for example you need to oil certain parts.

VCR cleaning?
I never use cleaning tapes, the video heads are extremely delicate, so I use this method.
Cleaning tapes have a reputation of damaging video heads.

Your latest laserdisc purchase
Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers with Singapore censorship sticker.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Introducing Yourself !
Welcome, Dudikoff. Welcome, JackJ.

some more vhs photos
Mar 11 2016, 01:47 PM

Highly recommended seller, folks. :cheers:

some more vhs photos
Mar 11 2016, 11:41 AM
thanks for the info - the next ones will be in the trade section
nice weekend

Didn't I buy the japan shock tapes from you? :)

Asian DVD/VCD stores
Mar 3 2016, 12:47 PM
DDDHouse is quite slow again, anyone else facing this problem? Makes it a pain to use.
It was really bad, now it's a tad better.

some more vhs photos
Mar 9 2016, 07:08 PM
these are photos for the videos I put up for sale not to trade
I just learned recently ( thanks to the friendly help of one of the members ) to add photos for the previous ( written ) messages
have a nice evening
Raoul / Antwerpen

The Trade section is for trading, selling and buying stuff. This area is just for displaying stuff in your collection, you might be able to find more buyers in the right section. Just trying to help. :hello!:

some more vhs photos
Lovely tapes. ^_^
But you should post them in the trade section.

VHS sale
Mar 7 2016, 06:48 PM
Mar 6 2016, 07:52 PM
Maybe some update pictures with what is left ?
Have you received the package btw?
My tapes arrived, thank you. :hello!: