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Jack J
Apr 23 2008, 11:15 PM
Ahh, more technical questions!

I live in PAL country but I have a VCR that can play both PAL and NTSC tapes. I also have a DVD recorder but it doesn't let me burn NTSC tapes to DVD-R. Can this be overcome? Do I need a cable of some sort to do this? Where can I get one? And yes, I realise this may be very easy and common knowledge but I haven't had the need to find out about this before. Thanks.


Only if you get a ntsc/pal converter to put between the cables. For ex. here's a store with such stuff. There's tons of converters in various price ranges.

But it's never a good thing to convert pal to ntsc or vice versa.

You'd be better off taking the video signal directly to your pc's hd. Or buying a ntsc dvd recordrer. Hope it helps.

Jack J
Apr 22 2008, 11:33 AM
You mention the cheaper programs, do you yourself use the (I assume) more expensive one in the first picture?

TMPGEnc programs cost money, the rest are free.

For anyone that needs backup help with vcds, dvds etc go to VideoHelp.
Billions of links to downloadable freeware and shareware programs and guides about how to use them.

Winavi is also a very nice program.

Vcd to dvd with a dvd recorder might do the trick, but it all boils down to how picky you are quality wise.

Let us know how it went and if you're satisfied with the quality.

Jack J
Apr 21 2008, 03:48 PM
Thanks for your suggestion, MemberX.

In regards to ConvertXtoDVD: I used the absolutely slowest and highest encoding and the picture quality still sucked! I tried it with my STONER vcd yesterday and I couldn't even read the subtitles on the dvd-r.

I should point out that some vcd's, were okay. I've tried with different settings and out of the about 10 test dvd's I've made maybe 2 or 3 were okay. The rest got that unfortunate shiny glow that I mentioned. And you can't get it to chose one Chinese dialect on the HK vcd's (okay I admit it, I'm not a techno geek but I'm pretty sure you couldn't. I tried over and over and came up with zilch!).


Yes you can. With TMPGEnc DVD Author 3.
From the drop down menu choose Billingual (Audio input 1 left channel.. bla bla)
Look at the pic below.

Posted Image

To do it with cheaper programs:

First we'll rip the vcd to the hd with UltraIso (or similar program). Maske sure you rip the bigger file of each disc, the 10-20 mb file is usually just the copyright warning, company logo video etc.

Now you have the movie as two files, join them with MPEG Streamclip. Be sure to install Quicktime, the program won't work without it.

Now, we have one big file so we'll start to strip the audio.
First we'll take care of the left audio. (Doesn't matter which one we take first)
Load the file into virtualdub.
Choose: Audio full processing mode.
Audio: Use advanced filtering
Audio: Filter
Filters: Add
Now click once on: Input
Once on Stereo split
Once on output
Once on discard

Watch out so that you don't have any filter box activated (blue), otherwise they'll auto connect.
Just click on an empty space to deactive any blue filter box.

This might take a little trial and error, but you'll get it. Be sure to connect the arrows as showed. Just drag them, when they're at the right spot they'll turn green, release.

Looks like this:
Posted Image

Now be sure to select the whole range of the movie:
Posted Image
Click the "slider to the start" and choose the starting point (The black arrow that I've named "Start").
Now click to move the slider to the end and then click on the black arrow to mark the end.

Now click Audio --> Full processing mode.
And Compression --> No Compression PCM. Well you could compress it, but it would be unnecessary at this point.
Posted Image

File --> Save Wav.. We'll name it 1. Wait till it's done.

Now to get the right audio we'll repeat the procedure except that the filters should look like this:
(First you delete the settings we just used, otherwise we end up with a darn mess.)
Again save as.

Posted Image

Now we have two audio tracks, 1 & 2.

Now get Camel's MPEGJoin and join the two vcd files from disc 1 & 2.

Now we'll make the audio track and the video dvd compliant with TMPGEnc Plus.

(You can use it for 2 weeks and then you'll have to pay for it if you want to continue.)

Now depending on the vcd, we'll either choose Pal or Ntsc. I'll choose ntsc for because my vcd was ntsc.

Posted Image

Insert the video and the audio. I want the first audio track, so I'll choose the track I named 1. (Naturally depends on what you want)
Then we choose the aspect ratio, and it's 16/9 in this case.

Posted Image

If you want to cut & edit, have noise reduction or other stuff like that you'll choose it in the next stage. If not, just click next.

Posted Image

Then quality settings. If you're very picky you can adjust the quality setting by going to the expert settings. :)

Posted Image

Video resolution etc properties depends on the movie file.

Posted Image

Now choose a place to save your movie and audio file and press "OK".
After it's complete, you'll have a m2v file (movie) and an audio file.

Now that we've encoded them, well join them and make a dvd out of them with IfoEdit.
Download IfoEdit here.
There's billion of other similar tools but I like this one. There's Muxman, ReJig..

Ifoedit --> Dvd Author --> Author new dvd
Insert video and audio files, choose a place to save the dvd, hit "OK" and that's it.


Ok, that's it. I haven't done a spell check but my guide should be understandable. Any questions? Please ask.

My choice, TMPGEnc DVD Author 3 with DivX Authoring.
You can try it for free.
It's about 90 usd to buy but very handy and easy to use. You can make your own menus with audio etc. Set to smart rendering and you don't gave to re-encode the movie.

You used VSO's ConvertXtoDVD, what encoder settings did you use? The fast encoding option is very fast yes, but the quality is mediocre at best.

The Official Movie Viewing Log
Jack J
Apr 16 2008, 06:44 PM
Apr 13 2008, 08:12 AM
Lars Jacobsson
Apr 10 2008, 07:36 AM
I quite like Denmark too... Without denmark there wouldn't be no... ehh... uhmmm... Whigfield? :)

Og Anna Phil.. Dejlig! :P

Yeah, you're probably right. She's... dejlig. But I cringe when I see Danish cop shows. Now, gimme Beck any day over Anna Phil (ahm, the show that is <_< ).

Hmm, you're in Finland, right? Don't remember the last time I saw a Finnish cop show. Like ever.


Yep, that's where I'm from.
We don't really have any good cop/detective series/movies. If you want to want watch any more recent productions, Raid might be worth checking out.

Ok, last movie I watched:

Blood Suckers from Outer Space (1984) Greek vhs

Wow. The makeup effects are bad, the acting is even worse. And to make it even worse, it's suppose to be a horror spoof. There's tons continuity errors, clothes changing between scenes without any apparent reason etc. Well, stuff you'd expect from a zombie movie made on shoestring budget. But taking into consideration the movie type I'm guessing a lot of the goofs & mistakes are intentional.

The plot is simple, some sort of wind attacks people turning them into zombies. A young man and a girl are left to fight farmers turned into zombies.

It's just 78 min of plain, irresponsible, goofy harmless fun.

The Official Movie Viewing Log
Apr 13 2008, 06:18 PM
Anna pihl! :(  There is something about that show, I always have to change the channel when it comes on, gets me really annoyed..

Oh. I think Charlotte Munck looks foxy!

Some tapes
Pm. ^_^

The Official Movie Viewing Log
Lars Jacobsson
Apr 10 2008, 07:36 AM
I quite like Denmark too... Without denmark there wouldn't be no... ehh... uhmmm... Whigfield? :)

Og Anna Phil.. Dejlig! :P