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Introducing Yourself !
Welcome Aurel/Marc. :hello!:

An ancient argentinean tape unearthed!
Now that box is by far the most interesting thing about this release!
Is it in english?

Apr 23 2010, 03:52 PM
These came in the mail today accompanied by some dutch friends...

Check them out in the dutch vhs thread...

If you want to get rid of that Greek "Blood and black lace", let me know.

Thanks to Onar Bill! :D

Happy Birthday!
Thank you, thank you.

Apr 20 2010, 08:56 AM
I'm in!

Like "sika limppuun"! :lol:

Is that "Inquisicion" in English?

My new baby!
Nice one!

I always imagined you'd be driving a S Class MB. :lol:

Brazilian tape of Giallo a Venezia
Apr 18 2010, 04:29 PM
I found that tape and I'm willing to sell it since I keep a DVD-R copy of it. There are actually only 5 copies known to be around and this is one of them. The brazilian edition is the most long and the only uncut version with all the hardcore inserts included.

If someone here is interested please send me a pm or email me: scarevideo@tiscali.it

Only sensible offers please. This is a really rare piece. I will provide some pics if requested.

Do please post some pics, I'm curious. :P

Huge thanks to KingofB.

Angst 1983 Belgian VDS tape
Oh, and the tape is sold.

Angst 1983 Belgian VDS tape
Apr 12 2010, 06:09 PM
Apr 9 2010, 03:23 PM
I watched the divx...

Sorry but this made me LOL!! :lol: :lol:

Eh, why? :lol:

Angst 1983 Belgian VDS tape
Today is the last day of bidding.

Angst 1983 Belgian VDS tape
45 € is the highest offer now - anyone?

Angst 1983 Belgian VDS tape
Apr 9 2010, 11:25 AM
Ive wanted this tape for YEARS but money's  really tight at the moment so I cant afford it ..Sigh! ive heard theres bugger all dialogue in this film= correct?, I'm usually put off films that dont offer Eng Lang or Subs but if theres not much Dialogue I guess it doesnt matter? ;)

There's dialogue that's missing from the dvd-relese, that's in this tape release. So, it's more complete than the dvd.
I don't understand German, but I enjoyed the movie all the same. I guess understanding the dialogue, would bring more depth into movie, but I don't think there's an english friendly release.

The camera work and intensity of the movie blew me away. I need to fund my gialli hobby, otherwise I'd never sell it.

Angst 1983 Belgian VDS tape
As far as I know, this release has additional footage, not found on the German dvd.

Ofdb says:

"Dieses Video aus Belgien mit dem Titel "Schizophrenia" enthält die lange Fassung des Filmes mit dem Prolog, ist in Widescreen und im deutschen Originalton! Dazu werden gleichzeitig zwei Untertitel eingeblendet, Flämisch und Französisch."


Was the Dutch "Budget" -label a budget label?
Just something that popped into my head. Did the "Budget" -label reissue stuff on cheap stock or why do hell was the label called "Budget".

Angst 1983 Belgian VDS tape
No one on Cinehound? Highest offer now 40 e delivered.

Some tapes up on auction at Tradera
Röst I Mörkret is Guerrieri's Il dolce corpo di Deborah (1968) aka The Sweet Body of Deborah.

With an absolutely hideous cover, so ugly it's beautiful. :D

Angst 1983 Belgian VDS tape
Posted Image

One of the best serial killer movies ever.
1:66:1 widescreen, german audio, dutch and french subtitles


Offers plz.